Connections in the Cajun Islands

I got a call today from my Grandpa while I was sitting on the couch doing some chemistry homework. He informed me that him and my Grandma were on their way back from the airport. I asked where they had been this time and he said the Cajun Islands…I bet that was nice! Laying in the 84 degree weather while it is 41 here in Kansas today!!!

He said that on the way down in a little airplane there was a girl he talked too. Once they got to the resort, she also happened to be staying in the room next door. By now I was drawn away from my studies and was wondering where exactly this story was going. Turns out the girl knew me! I told him that wasn’t possible and then he said the name and I pondered how that name sounded somewhat familiar. Turns out the girl lives in Indiana and is a senior this year, and she knew me from judging. Once Grandpa said that she was at my graduation party I knew EXACTLY who it was. She had come with a couple of guys that I was really close to at the time.

Thoughts are still crossing my mind about how small of a world it is. Even more thoughts are rushing through my head about how this amazing judging program has changed my life. I have made connections outside of my high school, community, and even state. Now being apart of the Butler team, I can’t help but think of all the contests that got me this far. More importantly the people that have shared knowledge with me and made me a better livestock evaluator and a better person.

I guess the lesson I learned today is to try and be a confident person and treat others nicely because you never know who they will talk to that connects to you in some way. If I was a bad sport about some bad cards I have marked or didn’t smile leaving the contest, that girl may have thought I was a terrible person and she could of easily pushed me aside; like I do to some people that walk through my life.

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