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Ranching Awesome

March 12, 2013

A little goofy, but shares some good information in a fun natured way! (:

God’s gift

March 7, 2013

It’s been a while since I have been on here so I thought I would blog before I went home. Tomorrow I am flying home, to lay to rest one of the greatest guys I know. Justin (Skinny) Hinen is one of the biggest livestock advocate that I know. He showed at a very young age and loves show steers and pigs. His brother Jeremy and sister Jennifer also showed and that is how I met the Hinen family. Justin though, I am really close too. You see he was the kind of kid that was always about getting work done… while still having the most fun doing it. For instance at the state fair this past year Jennifer exhibited in the grand champion drive with her steer Coz. I was hanging around when it was time to get Coz ready so naturally I helped. Now usually things are pretty intense when the big show at the Pepsi Coliseum is about to take place, but with Skinny around it didn’t matter. He would rush around, but would always stop and point out the crazy kid beside us, or the weird lady walking by that was wearing sandals into the beef barn. With him time was endless and there was no care in the world other than to have fun.

Whenever we were getting ready to head to a show Justin would always give orders of things to do and he said he would be back in 10 minutes. If you spend at least one day around him, you already know that 10 minutes means an hour. He always had people to see and places to be. As I sit here and think about him tears flood my eyes knowing I lost a really good friend.

I used to get frustrated because he was always late, but now I know I would spend all day waiting for him if it meant he would come back to us here on earth. The lord above has received a beautiful angel, and I am so thankful he is where he needs to be. I know that God has the best show steer waiting for him to work on and even a pig or too that he can show off.

Because of Skinny, I am confident and know that I have no one to impress but myself. I know what it takes to win, and I know how a smile can fix any bad day. The last memory I have of him is one that I will keep to myself, but I am so thankful we left on a good note. My plan was to go home next Thursday for spring break and go see him Friday morning, however now I will see him this Sunday with his friends and family all gathering around, crying for the great young man that we lost.

Justin I know you’re there and I can feel you wrapped around me. This baby heifer was out of your favorite cow at my place and was born only 3 hours after you passed. In your honor I named her Justin. Although I never told you, please know that I love you ❤