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Throw Back Thursday!

June 13, 2013

If you’ve gotten into any of the social media sites, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of the other countless sites out there; you are probably familiar with the common acronym T.B.T or Throw Back Thursday. Today, while scrolling through everyone’s old photos I came across a not so old photo of mine and it got me thinking of where I’ve been, where I am, and where I am headed.


2013 NACTA Sweepstakes Winners

This picture from back in April represents a lot for me. Present is most of the 2012-2013 Livestock Judging Team, 26 amazing individuals I grew to love and respect; our coach, Chris Mullinix; a man who has given me skills to take forward as I move on and whose given us all the chance of a lifetime, Elissa Mullinix, Chris’ wife, who started as just my  teacher, but as for most of us so far away became like a mom; and Marcus Arnold although our first contest with Marcus it gave us a glimpse of the year to come! Although the year came with some challenges, the long distance spread between Washington and Kansas, the realities of meeting a team full of new people on top of beginning new classes, living with roommates rather than family, and the ever so fun Chemistry classes; it was everything I gained and learned from these challenges that made the year absolutely perfect. I’m still not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to all the fun times and the people we will surely miss. Yet, as we say goodbye to a year spent with the Sophomores, we ourselves will take their place and soon we shall meet a handful of new judgers eager to join our family. Even harder it seems is saying not a “farewell”, but merely a “see you later,” to Chris and Elissa our Kansas parents. Chris who has coached at Butler for 16 years gets to start a new adventure at K-State where just like here, where we won’t forget him, neither shall he forget about us. He’ll still be there when we need him, just a phone call away. And with our “farewells” come our “hellos” we’re as excited as ever to start the year off right with our new coaches in tow and stenos in hand, we hope for a great year and to fill the shoes of those who did it before us. We’re grateful for the memories we have and the ones yet to come!


2013 Sophomore Judging Team

Fluffy Cows

June 5, 2013

Most people in the agricultural field have known about it for years…however it is still the newest sensation. FLUFFY COWS! Yes it has even hit the news and social media and has spread like wild fire. However to me these cattle aren’t just to look at, it is really a lifestyle. One that takes a lot of determination and commitment out of individual lives all over. 

Today while I was at work, I was rinsing the cattle and I thought to myself ‘Why am I doing this?’ It then dawned on me for that the past eleven years of my life, I have spent countless hours in a barn trying to grow hair and get that ‘Fluffy Cow’ look. The work goes so much deeper though. I was willing to spend hours brushing because I loved the game. I love the work it takes to feel accomplished. I like the way people will look at my livestock as they are presented in the show ring. I also like the people I have met and came to know.

Through this ‘Fluffy Cow’ frenzy I have made countless friends and met people with in different parts of the industry. No doubt about it, these show cattle look top notch in a pasture, but it is also the producers who don’t have hairy livestock that really need the spot light. 

Day in and day out, cattle producers spend remarkable time making decisions for the consumer (A.K.A.  YOU!). Sure they aren’t in a barn trying to grow hair, but they are trying to produce other things; such as weight, muscle, and more cattle. The choices aren’t just decided right on the spot….they all take management practices and decisions for the best of everyone. 

Sure Fluffy Cows are neat to look at, but so is a regular cow standing in a pasture that looks ‘bald’ compared to these other critters. In the end, every kind of cattle is used for the same thing. Hairy or not, they all produce meat and the females produce more calves for more consumption around the world. With that I have two pictures to share that show both a fluffy cow and also some ‘bald’ non show cattle. Both pictures are of cattle I work with everyday :))




This is just one of the ‘Fluffy Cows’ I get the pleasure to work with everyday.We call him Heinz. This picture was taken back in the winter, and now he is even hairier!! (If you can only imagine)




Here is part of my herd that I run at the house. Sure they aren’t as neat to look at as Heinz, but they still are practical cattle that deserve some recognition in the media spotlight.



With all this said, next time you see cattle in the pasture make sure you think of the producer behind it. If you happen to be at a show and see one of these amazing “Fluffy Cows” make sure you tell the exhibitor they did a nice job….trust me when I say that it took A LOT of work to get that way!