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Good afternoon followers,

My name is Amy Wolff and I grew up in the small (by small I mean 230 people) community of Beardsley, MN which is right on the border of South Dakota and not too far from North Dakota, or if you are familiar with geography you would refer to it as the little hump on the left side of Minnesota; it is about 10 hours north of El Dorado! I am a freshman here at Butler and I am a member of the Livestock Judging team.

IMG_0066Growing up I lived in town, my dad grew up on a farm and raised cattle and hogs until I was born and then he took a job with the co-op and we moved from North-Central South Dakota to where we reside today, mind you I was only a year old so I don’t remember this! Anyways my dad has been involved with the crops side of things ever since and has worked as a Seed Salesmen and operated his own Ag business but now is back on the sales and marketing side of things, therefore I didn’t grow up on a farm but since I was little I have been around livestock and I have been involved with 4-H for 10 years. I have an older brother who is 23 and is now a salesman for South Dakota Wheat Growers  as he graduated from South Dakota State University last spring. Anyways I won’t try and get off track too far here as I could tell you my life story, but I will keep it to the basics and how I ended up at Butler! I love showing livestock and I have shown cattle, sheep, goats and hogs. I have had a lot of success in the showring, but I know that at the end of the day the banners will fade and the buckles will tarnish but the memories will last forever. I can’t even begin to imagine living my life any other way or not spending countless hours in the barn. Most kids in my high school didn’t understand my passion for livestock but like their football or other passions this is my sport. Well long story short I ended up here in El Dorado after visiting Butler and a few other schools last fall. A few years ago I got into livestock judging and decided that I wanted to consider going to a junior college and judging before going to sr college, and well after a trip to several colleges and a lot of thinking I decided that I was going to pack my bags and move 600+ miles from home to be a part of the Butler Livestock Judging Family! Let me tell you this, it is the best decision I have ever made! I absolutely love it here! Our coach is awesome, I love the Butler campus and faculty, my team is bar none the best and my roommates and I hit it off at the very beginning and I will be sad come this spring as they pack their things up. Well for now I will sign off and sometime I will fill you in on the details of the freshman team, our contests, and life in El Dorado but in the meantime if you want to keep up to date with our livestock judging team check out our new Facebook Page that I help manage, just search: Butler Community College Livestock Judging Team and click like!

Have a great week everyone!

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