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Share the Love, Even If Only For a Day!

April 11, 2013

April 10, aka yesterday. Anyone know what makes this day so stinking special?…. If you don’t, shame on you (especially if you have siblings!!) but no worries, that is why I am here. April 10 is known nationally as National Siblings Day. That’s right. For all of you that had no idea you had a day where you were nationally recognized, guess what?!? You have to wait a whole 364 more days to have it again. Those of us who are lucky enough (some days are questionable!) to have siblings would not be the same person we are today without ’em. Think about it…wether you want to admit it or not, there is SOMETHING that you can tell your sibling(s) thank you for.

As I was avoiding studying for a test by scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed yesterday, I began to notice how many people were recognizing their siblings and posting pictures of them together! Of course I joined in on the fun as well. Here is the picture I posted…


The caption: “Happy National Siblings Day! Y’all are the best… Well most of the time anyway!”

While it may seem silly that it takes a “special day” to show siblings love, it really got me to thinking… “Hmmmm… I wonder where I would be today if Flinton, Ethan, and Hannah weren’t there with me..?” While there is no possible way to answer this question, I think back to the time, especially the summers that we have spent together and how even on the days when we didn’t always see eye to eye, we still were able to accomplish tasks around the farm. Want to see a little “day in the life of…?” Of course you do. The American Angus Association, I am Angus did a story on our family! That’s right, we were on TV! Check it out for yourself: McCabe I am Angus

With there being four of us with about a 10 year age range, we each have different areas where we succeed and areas where as much as I don’t want to say this, Hannah might be better than the rest of us. (Just kidding, we love Hannah. But seriously…) Growing up on a family farm makes everyone pull together just a little more especially through the hard times and cold winters. While my dad taught us almost everything we learned growing up (from castrating and feeding pigs to assisting heifers calving and everything in-between) each one of us found the areas that we liked the most. It just so happens to be that it was a little different for each of us.

Flinton has started to become the brains behind McCabe Genetics (feel free to check our website out!). Of course dad is still the man in charge and tells Flinton when his ideas could be better. While Flinton is gone for a couple weeks at a time visiting customers someone has to be at home to help my dad! This is where the cool brother comes in… But first a couple of pictures of Flinton “in action.”

IMG_3113 IMG_4566 IMG_2147

Looks like a pretty tough job, don’t ya think??? Don’t worry. I have a couple pictures to save the lad. He really does occasionally work believe it or not.

IMG_0061 IMG_2912

Now back to the cool brother, Ethan. Ethan is more behind the scenes when it comes to daily work. He can do anything if you ask him nice enough. This includes changing brake pads when he pretends he sometimes can’t even air a tire at home. Bless his heart. He loves to travel with a couple families and go to cattle shows to help them “fit” their cattle. Don’t know what that means, check this out!: Fitting Show Cattle. Want to see him in action? (I couldn’t find any pictures of him sitting around by the way!)

100_1447 IMG_5765 IMG_5754

Except for one time, but I have to give him credit. He did some creative thinking to be able to operate the hydraulic chute without ever having to move.


Like I said, bless his heart.

My sister Hannah is the shortest sibling we have. Even though she pretends to be helpless from time to time (but come on, who doesn’t right?) but she is the hardest working girl I know. She does things that no one ever thinks about doing around the farm but need to be done to make everything run properly. On sale day at our farm, she operates the computer system that tells who bought which lot. She is the best sister anyone could ask for!

IMG_2133 IMG_4023 DSCN0243

It takes every person in a family to make what they do a success and ours is not any different. Even though sometimes the road gets a little rocky and you may not always like your siblings, I bet your parents have the same thoughts as my dad. He has said time and time again, “I am the happiest when all my kids are getting along.” Dad doesn’t always have the same image of his kids getting along as we do. Not sure what I mean? Check out these two links. Don’t have time? Seriously, take a peak at them! They will make your day so much better with a laugh!!

Flinton and Hannah (Do keep in mind, she was willing to let him do this and laughing!!)

Ethan and Flinton

Here is a couple of pictures to show my families National Siblings Day love!


Even Ethan gets scared sometimes! Good thing Hannah is there to keep him safe.


Butler: Best of the Best

November 12, 2011

Well folks it’s that time of the year again! No….I’m not talking about changing weather, or colder temperatures or falling leaves. And no, I’m not even talking about the amazing, fantastic, super awesome Butler livestock judging team (or football team for that matter!) preparing for the national championship win! I’m talking about the “Best of the Barns” awards.

For the second year, many industry trends and friends were nominated to win the prized title of “Best of the Barn”! This year many Butler alumni and even Butler itself are nominated for an award! And we can NOT be beaten! So pals, it’s time to vote! Here’s how:

1) Go to –

(click the section where it says “Vote now”)

2) Vote for Butler Alumni! Let me help you out….

Crystal Young, 2005 Butler Alum, (also seen nominated as Crystal Cattle) is nominated for several awards including:

#5. Best Cattle Blog

#7. Best Show Cattle Social Media Poster

#55. Ag Advocate of the Year

Butler Livestock Judging Program is nominated for:

#32.  Best Junior College Livestock Judging Program

Logan MacLennan, 2004 Butler Alum, has had a very successful club lamb operation and is nominated for:

#57. Club Lamb Friend of the Year

3) Enter email address and push submit!

Hopefully Butler and Butler alumni will  rise this year thank to your support!

Oh, and just in case you want to see how fantastic of a livestock supporter Crystal Young is, check out her blog at:

Have a super weekend! And happy voting 🙂


Big Kid School is for Cute New T-shirts!

September 6, 2011

Long gone are those beautiful days where I could attend class and every one of my teachers would know my name by the second week.

Long gone are the days when I could walk to class in two minutes (however also long gone is that pesky Freshmen 15!!!)

Long gone are those beautiful days when you didn’t have a test/quiz in two different ag classes on the same day because you had one teacher for all of your ag classes and she wouldn’t give you a double whammy (Thank you SO much for that Elissa.. you were an angel).

Long gone are those beautiful days when your Spanish teacher would talk to you in English and you actually knew what was going down in class (Thank you SO much for that M.. you’re the bomb).

Long gone are those beautiful Butler days.


Say HELLOOO to cute new t-shirts at K-State!

It seems like for EVERY single club/organization you join there are t-shirts that are either required or “strongly suggested”. And I have the hottest new supermodels on this season’s runways to show them off!

Here is the hotty-toddy Analena showing off her love for beef… particularly K-State beef! Analena enjoys long walks on the beach and helping her friends with their Chemistry homework.











Here is hot mama-cita Megan. She is very active in her sorority, Sigma Alpha. Sigma Alpha is a professional ag sorority. Megan loves Red Diamond Sweet Tea and her new iPad. 

Pictured above is Hannah and Sarah. They embrace their differences and stand for world peace and equality among mankind.

And then of course there is always the option to “Be You. Be Greek” along with 546y47463829 other girls on the KSU campus. Not only does joining a sorority give you that “special bond” that only sisterhood can, but you also get to invest in about 36 new t-shirts each semester!

But this is by FAR the best t-shirt I have gotten yet. It is my new Train shirt from the most perfect, amazing and magical night of my life!!! (translation: I got to see Train in Kansas City this past weekend!!!) My life is now complete.



Butler Alumni-Your Future Starts HERE!

August 22, 2011

Butler Alumni: Cody Palen

 Butler alumni, Cody Palen grew up in Scott City, Kansas.  He was an active member of 4-H and FFA, and to this day he still co-owns/operates Palen Club Lambs with his family.  Cody came to school at Butler Community College, where he earned A.S. degree in Agriculture in 2006.  He was also a member of the Butler Agriculture Club and he competed on one of the most successful Livestock Judging Teams Butler has ever fielded. 

 After his time at Butler, Cody followed his heart to Kansas State University, where he majored in Animal Science and Industry with a Business option.  At K-State Cody was also a member of Block and Bridle and the Livestock Judging Team.

After graduation Cody returned to western Kansas.  He has been employed as the Vice President of Western State Bank in Dodge City, Kansas.  Cody is responsible for commercial and agricultural lending.  On a daily basis, Cody analyzes operations and deals with providing financing in the way of term debt (land, cows, equipment) and operating lines of credit (crops, feeder calves, and feed).  In Cody’s words,

The best part of my job on the agriculture side is that I get to see a variety of different operations. It proves to me there isn’t one distinct way for a farmer or rancher to feed the world.”

In the three years since he graduated from K-State, Cody has found ways to step up and provide leadership within his community.  He is a member of the current Kansas Livestock Association Young Stockman’s Academy’s class, and is also a member of the Kansas Bankers Association where he participates in the YBOK program (Young Bankers of Kansas).  Cody enjoys hunting, golfing and most of all staying actively involved with youth livestock programs.  He judges shows and has helped to put on show and selection clinics, as well as helping to coach local 4-h judging teams. 

For Cody, success has been a result of making the most of every opportunity he has been presented with.  He has always worked hard, but he realized early on that Butler was the first step in his future.  The contacts and friends he has made along the way, as well as the activities he has chosen to become involved with have prepared him to take on any challenge. 

  “I have found my livestock judging experiences from both Butler Community College and Kansas State University to pay dividends. My current employer along with others purposely seeks out individuals with agriculture and specifically judging backgrounds for their ability to make a clear decision and defend it”.

Butler Alumni: Start Your Network

February 23, 2011

Butler Community College Alumna: Wendy Mayo

  BCC alumna Wendy Mayo originally hails from Garden City, Kansas.  The agricultural roots in her family run deep.  This tough, no-nonsense young lady learned the meaning of hard work while helping out on her family’s diversified operation with both cattle and farming.  There were no “girls” jobs-Wendy and her sister filled in wherever and whenever needed.  Wendy was also very active in 4-H and FFA.

While at Butler, Wendy was a valuable part of an extremely successful Livestock Judging Team.  She was also involved in Grizzly Ambassadors and the Butler Ag Club.  From day 1 Wendy was always on the lookout to find ways to form connections. 

After graduating from Butler with a degree in Agriculture Wendy continued her education at Kansas State University-for a Kansas girl like Wendy being a Wildcat is livin’ the dream.  At K-State she was an Ag Ambassador and she got very involved with the Ag Communications department, twice serving as editor of the Agriculturist (a student-produced publication from the Ag communications and Journalism department).  Wendy also competed on the K-State Livestock Judging Team and was selected as the student speaker at the December 2005 K-State College of Agriculture graduation ceremony where she graduated with dual degrees in Ag Communications and Journalism and Animal Science.

Today, Wendy’s background comes into play every day because she needs to understand both beef production and the best ways to communicate with beef producers.  Since college, Wendy has worked for Bader Rutter & Associates, a marketing communications agency.  Wendy works on the Pfizer Animal Health business in both public relations and account management.  She works with a team that is responsible for helping plan, concept and execute all of the marketing communications materials and tactics for all of the Pfizer Animal Health cattle brands. More specifically, they build ads, sales and public relations materials or anything else that producers and veterinarians see promoting Pfizer Animal Health products.

In Wendy’s words, “I work primarily on the Pfizer Animal Genetics and vaccine businesses. Working on DNA testing products has been a very interesting opportunity for me, especially in relation to my livestock judging career. Growing up in southwest Kansas, I didn’t have a lot of exposure to the seedstock business prior to college and judging. What I learned through those experiences definitely help me better understand my client’s business and how these products can be applied. I also work with industry experts and producers on a regular basis whom I met through judging.”

 Wendy also has public relations responsibilities that include writing and releasing press releases and other editorial content to beef publications, helping produce TV segments, working with editors from beef publications, like BEEF and Drovers, to help them cover animal health-related topics, interviewing producers who use Pfizer products and placing stories about them, helping organize Pfizer activities at industry events and tradeshows. On a daily basis, she is in contact with the Pfizer marketing team, editors and broadcasters, industry groups like NCBA or event vendors. She also helps to build advertising and sales materials for the Pfizer Animal Genetics business.

 I would encourage students to always keep their eyes open and remember that agriculture is a very small community. When I took my current job out of school, I didn’t think that it was related to anything I had done previously. But, I work with people on a daily basis that I met through judging, school, internships and other industry-related activities while I was in college, and before. My career path thus far has been shaped by several relationships that have opened the door to opportunities. So, I encourage students to always remember that the connections they are making now will help lead to opportunities both professionally and personally for years to come.

As you can see, Wendy Mayo is busy, by choice.  The work ethic she developed on her family farm prepared her to meet challenges along the way, and the work she did in the classroom prepared her to have a viable understanding of the industry.  Starting with her time at Butler, it was the people she met in clubs, on competitive judging teams, and in activity groups that continue to provide her with an ever-growing industry network. 

Butler Alumni-Be True to Yourself

January 25, 2011

Ben (Butler Alumni) and Corineah Williams

Butler Alumni, Ben Williams grew up in North Central Indiana on a diversified livestock operation.  From the start, Ben was active in 4-H and high school sports (especially basketball-a must for those in the Hoosier state).  His family currently raises club lambs and a handful of show calves.  Check them out at Williams Diamond Club Lambs.  One thing is certain, at home Ben learned the value of doing things the right way and has never wavered from those beliefs. 

Ben’s interest in livestock evaluation led him to Butler Community College where he was a member of the Livestock Judging Team, earning All American status his sophomore year.  He was also a member of the Ag club and served as the Ag club student advisor representative.  After earning his Agriculture degree Ben continued his education at Kansas State University.  While he was earning his bachelors degree in Animal Science, Ben competed on the 2006 Livestock Judging Team, was a member of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity and also  Block and Bridle.  He also completed an internship with Dr. Dale Blasi working with National Animal Identification Systems.  Like many Butler students who transfer on, Ben found the time to accomplish a lot, but yet he still managed to complete his undergraduate degree in just 4 years.

After K-State, Ben earned at Master’s Degree in Animal Science with emphasis in meat science and muscle biology at the University of Nebraska while also serving as the assistant livestock judging team coach.  He was also a member of American Meat Science association.

Currently, Ben is the Livestock Judging Coach for North Dakota State University.  Part of his job is also in NDSU extension where he is involved with  speaking to producers and youth about livestock selection and production.  He also trains FFA and 4-H coaches about livestock judging and is responsible for developing livestock judging educational materials.  Ben is the North Dakota spokesperson for AK-SAR-BEN and also the ND state fair Superintendent advisor.  Check out the NDSU Animal Science home page  to see what they’re up to.

Ben with his 2010 NDSU Livestock Judging Team

 Ben and his wife, Corineah maintain a blog they call “…life on our terms,” it’s a fun peek into their everyday lives.  In his free time, Ben enjoys playing/watching basketball and most sports, bird hunting, spending time with family and talking “livestock.”

In Ben’s words, “My advice for young livestock judgers: Everybody wants the ribbons, plaques, trophies and banners; but not everybody wants to work for it.  Separate yourself from average by your willingness to work, and your willingness to learn.  And have fun doing it!”

"I especially like livestock prints and pictures. This is one that is hanging on my office wall. This one is the epitome of livestock judging and showing. It is titled “One Man’s Opinion.”

As you can see Ben is a Butler graduate who is making  an impact everyday.  Like many Butler graduates he is finding a way to carve out his place in the Agricultural world with integrity and the conviction to remain true to himself.

Butler Alumni-Find Your Direction

January 4, 2011

Butler Alumni: Dustin Rippe

Butler Alumni, Dustin Rippe grew up on a diversified farming and seedstock cow/calf operation in south central Nebraska.  To this day, Dustin is still very involved in his family’s operation; check them out at Rippe Gelbvieh.  After high school, Dustin went to school at Southeast Community College in Beatrice, NE (not too terribly far from his hometown).  There, during his first semester, he fell in love with livestock judging. 

In Dustin’s words, “I was not going to be able to beat these outstanding kids from Butler.  Therefore, I gave Chris (Mullinix) a call and asked if I could join his team. “

The rest is history.  With the courage to step outside of his comfort zone and a lot of hard work Dustin, transferred to Butler, became an important part of an extremely successful livestock judging team, earned an A.S. degree in Agriculture and set himself on a new course. 

After Butler, Dustin attended Colorado State University where he was on the livestock judging team, and became a member of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity.  Dustin was also on the Seedstock Merchandising Team as well as various agricultural groups and clubs.  During his last semester, this small-town kid expanded his horizons and traveled abroad to New Zealand.   It’s obvious that Dustin was an involved student who made the most of every opportunity available.  He graduated from CSU in 2005, right on schedule, with a double major in Animal Science and Agricultural Business. 

Since his graduation, Dustin has worked for Meyer Natural Angus on the procurement team.  He then, worked for Cattle Fax in Denver as an analyst where he devoted most of his time to working with feedlot, stocker, and cow calf managers/owners as well as analyzing the commodity futures markets.  Currently, Dustin works for Gottsch Enterprises out of Hastings, Ne.  They are a very diversified company but their main business is feeding cattle.  With Gottsch, Dustin is in charge of buying corn and handling the risk management of the cattle feeding business using futures and options as financial protection.  As you can see, Dustin’s attention to his academics and willingness to explore new opportunities has made him very marketable. 

Dustin has always liked to keep himself busy.  Today, in addition to his professional duties he still handles the marketing of the bulls for Rippe Gelbvieh, his family’s Seedstock operation at home in Hubbell, NE.    Dustin and his wife Karla will forever be a part of the BCC Grizzly family.  Like many successful Butler graduates, Dustin still is that small-town kid, at heart, who took the initiative to find his direction at Butler Community College.