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Meet your Blogger!

November 11, 2013

Good afternoon followers,

My name is Amy Wolff and I grew up in the small (by small I mean 230 people) community of Beardsley, MN which is right on the border of South Dakota and not too far from North Dakota, or if you are familiar with geography you would refer to it as the little hump on the left side of Minnesota; it is about 10 hours north of El Dorado! I am a freshman here at Butler and I am a member of the Livestock Judging team.

IMG_0066Growing up I lived in town, my dad grew up on a farm and raised cattle and hogs until I was born and then he took a job with the co-op and we moved from North-Central South Dakota to where we reside today, mind you I was only a year old so I don’t remember this! Anyways my dad has been involved with the crops side of things ever since and has worked as a Seed Salesmen and operated his own Ag business but now is back on the sales and marketing side of things, therefore I didn’t grow up on a farm but since I was little I have been around livestock and I have been involved with 4-H for 10 years. I have an older brother who is 23 and is now a salesman for South Dakota Wheat Growers  as he graduated from South Dakota State University last spring. Anyways I won’t try and get off track too far here as I could tell you my life story, but I will keep it to the basics and how I ended up at Butler! I love showing livestock and I have shown cattle, sheep, goats and hogs. I have had a lot of success in the showring, but I know that at the end of the day the banners will fade and the buckles will tarnish but the memories will last forever. I can’t even begin to imagine living my life any other way or not spending countless hours in the barn. Most kids in my high school didn’t understand my passion for livestock but like their football or other passions this is my sport. Well long story short I ended up here in El Dorado after visiting Butler and a few other schools last fall. A few years ago I got into livestock judging and decided that I wanted to consider going to a junior college and judging before going to sr college, and well after a trip to several colleges and a lot of thinking I decided that I was going to pack my bags and move 600+ miles from home to be a part of the Butler Livestock Judging Family! Let me tell you this, it is the best decision I have ever made! I absolutely love it here! Our coach is awesome, I love the Butler campus and faculty, my team is bar none the best and my roommates and I hit it off at the very beginning and I will be sad come this spring as they pack their things up. Well for now I will sign off and sometime I will fill you in on the details of the freshman team, our contests, and life in El Dorado but in the meantime if you want to keep up to date with our livestock judging team check out our new Facebook Page that I help manage, just search: Butler Community College Livestock Judging Team and click like!

Have a great week everyone!

Butler’s List

August 29, 2013

With the livestock judging team getting back into the swing of things there have been many thoughts to cross my mind, but the most frequent thought to pop into my mind has been how lucky myself and my teammates are to be here! Heading into the fall judging season and getting back into the swing of practice every team thinks they ‘ought’ to have that one thing on their mind; winning. And while I believe that it’s up there at the top of the list, I don’t think we should be so quick to jump to forget the rest our list.


As a team full of different individuals and personalities from every corner of the country it’s easy to forget our similarities and what it means to be a team, but what I love most about MY team is that despite our differences we always put them aside in order to help out and be there for our teammates. The bonds we’re forming in my book are ones that can’t be replicated just anywhere. Despite the fact that we badger each other and pick at each others nerves, often on purpose; we know that at the end of every day we have a team full of friends there to catch us when we fall.


Our team has the good fortune to not only be afforded money to pursue our educations but here at Butler we’re lucky enough to be able to have people around us who truly wish to see us succeed in all facets of our lives.


They say that the best education you can give a student is to let them experience it first hand and here we are; given countless opportunities to experience life at its fullest in many different parts of the country. Being a part of the livestock judging team, for many of us, livestock are our passion and we have been awarded opportunity one after another to experience many a show, fair, and workout that not every program nationwide can say the same about. Personally I’ve seen more parts of the country in the past year than I had really thought about in the last 5 years of my geographically lacking life. This experience not only opens doors for us, but our eyes to lessons we hadn’t even stumbled upon yet.


Despite others’ outlook from the outside we’ve had and have the great fortune to have at our disposable the minds and support of 4 great men who all care about the integrity of our program. As our sophomores said goodbye to Chris  and Brad we have been handed Marcus and Coop. I find myself lucky to know I have so much support and look forward to the year with our coaches knowing that not only will they prepare us for contest day, but skills we will take forward to the rest of our lives. And just like Chris and Brad we will leave here with support that far surpasses the length of contest season.

And here we are full circle, back to the one thing on every teams mind.


At the end of the day we hope that our teams’ skills and natural talent paired with our stellar preparation from our coaches adds up to a point leading victory, however I think one thing that sets Butler apart is that our team: as long as we remember all of the components of our list; will always walk away winners. So that years from now as our glories fade and our plaques gather dust we’ll still hold true that after each time we were the true winners, the team who left with it all.

Throw Back Thursday!

June 13, 2013

If you’ve gotten into any of the social media sites, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of the other countless sites out there; you are probably familiar with the common acronym T.B.T or Throw Back Thursday. Today, while scrolling through everyone’s old photos I came across a not so old photo of mine and it got me thinking of where I’ve been, where I am, and where I am headed.


2013 NACTA Sweepstakes Winners

This picture from back in April represents a lot for me. Present is most of the 2012-2013 Livestock Judging Team, 26 amazing individuals I grew to love and respect; our coach, Chris Mullinix; a man who has given me skills to take forward as I move on and whose given us all the chance of a lifetime, Elissa Mullinix, Chris’ wife, who started as just my  teacher, but as for most of us so far away became like a mom; and Marcus Arnold although our first contest with Marcus it gave us a glimpse of the year to come! Although the year came with some challenges, the long distance spread between Washington and Kansas, the realities of meeting a team full of new people on top of beginning new classes, living with roommates rather than family, and the ever so fun Chemistry classes; it was everything I gained and learned from these challenges that made the year absolutely perfect. I’m still not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to all the fun times and the people we will surely miss. Yet, as we say goodbye to a year spent with the Sophomores, we ourselves will take their place and soon we shall meet a handful of new judgers eager to join our family. Even harder it seems is saying not a “farewell”, but merely a “see you later,” to Chris and Elissa our Kansas parents. Chris who has coached at Butler for 16 years gets to start a new adventure at K-State where just like here, where we won’t forget him, neither shall he forget about us. He’ll still be there when we need him, just a phone call away. And with our “farewells” come our “hellos” we’re as excited as ever to start the year off right with our new coaches in tow and stenos in hand, we hope for a great year and to fill the shoes of those who did it before us. We’re grateful for the memories we have and the ones yet to come!


2013 Sophomore Judging Team

Share the Love, Even If Only For a Day!

April 11, 2013

April 10, aka yesterday. Anyone know what makes this day so stinking special?…. If you don’t, shame on you (especially if you have siblings!!) but no worries, that is why I am here. April 10 is known nationally as National Siblings Day. That’s right. For all of you that had no idea you had a day where you were nationally recognized, guess what?!? You have to wait a whole 364 more days to have it again. Those of us who are lucky enough (some days are questionable!) to have siblings would not be the same person we are today without ’em. Think about it…wether you want to admit it or not, there is SOMETHING that you can tell your sibling(s) thank you for.

As I was avoiding studying for a test by scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed yesterday, I began to notice how many people were recognizing their siblings and posting pictures of them together! Of course I joined in on the fun as well. Here is the picture I posted…


The caption: “Happy National Siblings Day! Y’all are the best… Well most of the time anyway!”

While it may seem silly that it takes a “special day” to show siblings love, it really got me to thinking… “Hmmmm… I wonder where I would be today if Flinton, Ethan, and Hannah weren’t there with me..?” While there is no possible way to answer this question, I think back to the time, especially the summers that we have spent together and how even on the days when we didn’t always see eye to eye, we still were able to accomplish tasks around the farm. Want to see a little “day in the life of…?” Of course you do. The American Angus Association, I am Angus did a story on our family! That’s right, we were on TV! Check it out for yourself: McCabe I am Angus

With there being four of us with about a 10 year age range, we each have different areas where we succeed and areas where as much as I don’t want to say this, Hannah might be better than the rest of us. (Just kidding, we love Hannah. But seriously…) Growing up on a family farm makes everyone pull together just a little more especially through the hard times and cold winters. While my dad taught us almost everything we learned growing up (from castrating and feeding pigs to assisting heifers calving and everything in-between) each one of us found the areas that we liked the most. It just so happens to be that it was a little different for each of us.

Flinton has started to become the brains behind McCabe Genetics (feel free to check our website out!). Of course dad is still the man in charge and tells Flinton when his ideas could be better. While Flinton is gone for a couple weeks at a time visiting customers someone has to be at home to help my dad! This is where the cool brother comes in… But first a couple of pictures of Flinton “in action.”

IMG_3113 IMG_4566 IMG_2147

Looks like a pretty tough job, don’t ya think??? Don’t worry. I have a couple pictures to save the lad. He really does occasionally work believe it or not.

IMG_0061 IMG_2912

Now back to the cool brother, Ethan. Ethan is more behind the scenes when it comes to daily work. He can do anything if you ask him nice enough. This includes changing brake pads when he pretends he sometimes can’t even air a tire at home. Bless his heart. He loves to travel with a couple families and go to cattle shows to help them “fit” their cattle. Don’t know what that means, check this out!: Fitting Show Cattle. Want to see him in action? (I couldn’t find any pictures of him sitting around by the way!)

100_1447 IMG_5765 IMG_5754

Except for one time, but I have to give him credit. He did some creative thinking to be able to operate the hydraulic chute without ever having to move.


Like I said, bless his heart.

My sister Hannah is the shortest sibling we have. Even though she pretends to be helpless from time to time (but come on, who doesn’t right?) but she is the hardest working girl I know. She does things that no one ever thinks about doing around the farm but need to be done to make everything run properly. On sale day at our farm, she operates the computer system that tells who bought which lot. She is the best sister anyone could ask for!

IMG_2133 IMG_4023 DSCN0243

It takes every person in a family to make what they do a success and ours is not any different. Even though sometimes the road gets a little rocky and you may not always like your siblings, I bet your parents have the same thoughts as my dad. He has said time and time again, “I am the happiest when all my kids are getting along.” Dad doesn’t always have the same image of his kids getting along as we do. Not sure what I mean? Check out these two links. Don’t have time? Seriously, take a peak at them! They will make your day so much better with a laugh!!

Flinton and Hannah (Do keep in mind, she was willing to let him do this and laughing!!)

Ethan and Flinton

Here is a couple of pictures to show my families National Siblings Day love!


Even Ethan gets scared sometimes! Good thing Hannah is there to keep him safe.


Connections in the Cajun Islands

February 12, 2013

I got a call today from my Grandpa while I was sitting on the couch doing some chemistry homework. He informed me that him and my Grandma were on their way back from the airport. I asked where they had been this time and he said the Cajun Islands…I bet that was nice! Laying in the 84 degree weather while it is 41 here in Kansas today!!!

He said that on the way down in a little airplane there was a girl he talked too. Once they got to the resort, she also happened to be staying in the room next door. By now I was drawn away from my studies and was wondering where exactly this story was going. Turns out the girl knew me! I told him that wasn’t possible and then he said the name and I pondered how that name sounded somewhat familiar. Turns out the girl lives in Indiana and is a senior this year, and she knew me from judging. Once Grandpa said that she was at my graduation party I knew EXACTLY who it was. She had come with a couple of guys that I was really close to at the time.

Thoughts are still crossing my mind about how small of a world it is. Even more thoughts are rushing through my head about how this amazing judging program has changed my life. I have made connections outside of my high school, community, and even state. Now being apart of the Butler team, I can’t help but think of all the contests that got me this far. More importantly the people that have shared knowledge with me and made me a better livestock evaluator and a better person.

I guess the lesson I learned today is to try and be a confident person and treat others nicely because you never know who they will talk to that connects to you in some way. If I was a bad sport about some bad cards I have marked or didn’t smile leaving the contest, that girl may have thought I was a terrible person and she could of easily pushed me aside; like I do to some people that walk through my life.

My Name is…

February 6, 2013

Hello my name is Jacquelyn StGeorge. I made the long trip to El Dorado from a little town called Larwill, Indiana. Although this is where my address says I live, I like to say I am from the neighboring town called Columbia City. It is a much nicer establishment that accounts more than just a gas station and a set of railroad tracks. I can’t forget to mention though, that Larwill does have a post office, which if you have ever been driving down US 30 and blink, chances are you will miss the entire town. I am one of the newest bloggers for the Butler Ag Ambassadors and I hope to share some of my life stories with you. First though I would like to share a few things about myself.

1.) My sister Kennedy is my best friend. (Yes you may be seeing double because we are twins!) She is by quite some margin the main influence on why I am the way I am.

2.) Livestock judging is the second most important thing to me in my life. It has taught me how to believe in myself. Even thru the hardest days, I know that I have a support group that will guide me back to a better mind set 🙂 Along with evaluating good livestock I have learned valuable life lessons that I use everyday. This picture is from the 2012 Indiana State Contest where me and my teammates pulled thru our hardest season. We went in with little doubt placing in the top 10 but with God’s help we accomplished our biggest goal.

3.) I love showing livestock, especially beef cattle! This is the Shorthorn Heifer I showed last year. My adopted Dad and I made the transition from dairy cattle the beef cattle about 5 years ago, and now we run 19 cows. Slowly we increase our herd, and only hope for good functional cow prospects that will do alright in the show ring (Although winning is fun…it’s not everything to me).

Those are the three most important things to me in life right now. I live with no regrets, and try to cherish every moment I live. As you can see livestock takes up a huge chunk of my heart, but so does my family. Thru my postings I am certain you will hear about Kennedy, and some of the funny stories I have to share 🙂 I hope to educate about the agriculture around us…and most importantly I hope to make you smile and enjoy the people in your life!

It’s Good to be Back!

January 31, 2013

Life back in the 67042 is as exciting as ever! With a new semester comes new classes, new challenges, new experiences, and lots of new memories! While I did enjoy my break and all the time spent with friends and family, I am more than ready to get back into the swing of things. Already after just two short weeks back in El Dorado I feel as if we’ve been back for longer. After a hectic start to the semester; over sleeping, the brakes going out in my car, meeting my chem partner, and my first contest back, complete with 8 sets of reasons, I’d say it’s more than fair too admit that I wasn’t quite prepared for what some may call the crazyness of being a “judger”. But as with everything else there’s always “ups” and “downs” and I’m looking forward to continuing my semester with what I hope will be a little less flair!