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November 11, 2013

Good afternoon followers,

My name is Amy Wolff and I grew up in the small (by small I mean 230 people) community of Beardsley, MN which is right on the border of South Dakota and not too far from North Dakota, or if you are familiar with geography you would refer to it as the little hump on the left side of Minnesota; it is about 10 hours north of El Dorado! I am a freshman here at Butler and I am a member of the Livestock Judging team.

IMG_0066Growing up I lived in town, my dad grew up on a farm and raised cattle and hogs until I was born and then he took a job with the co-op and we moved from North-Central South Dakota to where we reside today, mind you I was only a year old so I don’t remember this! Anyways my dad has been involved with the crops side of things ever since and has worked as a Seed Salesmen and operated his own Ag business but now is back on the sales and marketing side of things, therefore I didn’t grow up on a farm but since I was little I have been around livestock and I have been involved with 4-H for 10 years. I have an older brother who is 23 and is now a salesman for South Dakota Wheat Growers  as he graduated from South Dakota State University last spring. Anyways I won’t try and get off track too far here as I could tell you my life story, but I will keep it to the basics and how I ended up at Butler! I love showing livestock and I have shown cattle, sheep, goats and hogs. I have had a lot of success in the showring, but I know that at the end of the day the banners will fade and the buckles will tarnish but the memories will last forever. I can’t even begin to imagine living my life any other way or not spending countless hours in the barn. Most kids in my high school didn’t understand my passion for livestock but like their football or other passions this is my sport. Well long story short I ended up here in El Dorado after visiting Butler and a few other schools last fall. A few years ago I got into livestock judging and decided that I wanted to consider going to a junior college and judging before going to sr college, and well after a trip to several colleges and a lot of thinking I decided that I was going to pack my bags and move 600+ miles from home to be a part of the Butler Livestock Judging Family! Let me tell you this, it is the best decision I have ever made! I absolutely love it here! Our coach is awesome, I love the Butler campus and faculty, my team is bar none the best and my roommates and I hit it off at the very beginning and I will be sad come this spring as they pack their things up. Well for now I will sign off and sometime I will fill you in on the details of the freshman team, our contests, and life in El Dorado but in the meantime if you want to keep up to date with our livestock judging team check out our new Facebook Page that I help manage, just search: Butler Community College Livestock Judging Team and click like!

Have a great week everyone!

Hey everyone, I’m Esther McCabe

February 11, 2013

Hi everyone! I’m Esther McCabe and am a new blogger for the Butler Ag Ambassadors! Just to give you a little history about myself, lets go back to the beginning! On a cold January evening, my parents (Randy and Varee) totted me to Elk City, Kansas where I have called home for the last 19 years. My siblings (Flinton now 27, Ethan 23, and Hannah 21) were all very excited to have me as the baby of the family!


My family! (My daddy, Hannah, Ethan, myself, Flinton, and my momma!)

I am a third generation Angus enthusiast and I love it! We have about 2,400 head of cattle between momma cows, bulls and commercial females. We also do a little farming of corn, sorghum silage, soybeans, wheat, as well as haying!


Here is a picture of my familys annual bull sale! For more information go to

I am currently a Froshmore (yes you read that right!) at Butler Community College in El Dorado, KS! This is my first year here but I came to college with enough credits from high school that they consider me a sophomore but that sounds a little too old so we will go with froshmore. My major is Food Science with a minor in Animal Science. This fall I will transfer to K-State to continue my education on into pharmacy school down the road.

On a side note, I am not a livestock judger like a lot of the other bloggers this year! However, I do live with two of them. This past November though I was crowned the 2013 Miss American Angus!! So look forward to blogs about my experiences with that portion of my life in the near future.


My sister and I after I was Crowned Miss American Angus 🙂

I hope y’all enjoy my blogs and learn a little about the day in the life of a 19-year-old agriculturist!

My Name is…

February 6, 2013

Hello my name is Jacquelyn StGeorge. I made the long trip to El Dorado from a little town called Larwill, Indiana. Although this is where my address says I live, I like to say I am from the neighboring town called Columbia City. It is a much nicer establishment that accounts more than just a gas station and a set of railroad tracks. I can’t forget to mention though, that Larwill does have a post office, which if you have ever been driving down US 30 and blink, chances are you will miss the entire town. I am one of the newest bloggers for the Butler Ag Ambassadors and I hope to share some of my life stories with you. First though I would like to share a few things about myself.

1.) My sister Kennedy is my best friend. (Yes you may be seeing double because we are twins!) She is by quite some margin the main influence on why I am the way I am.

2.) Livestock judging is the second most important thing to me in my life. It has taught me how to believe in myself. Even thru the hardest days, I know that I have a support group that will guide me back to a better mind set 🙂 Along with evaluating good livestock I have learned valuable life lessons that I use everyday. This picture is from the 2012 Indiana State Contest where me and my teammates pulled thru our hardest season. We went in with little doubt placing in the top 10 but with God’s help we accomplished our biggest goal.

3.) I love showing livestock, especially beef cattle! This is the Shorthorn Heifer I showed last year. My adopted Dad and I made the transition from dairy cattle the beef cattle about 5 years ago, and now we run 19 cows. Slowly we increase our herd, and only hope for good functional cow prospects that will do alright in the show ring (Although winning is fun…it’s not everything to me).

Those are the three most important things to me in life right now. I live with no regrets, and try to cherish every moment I live. As you can see livestock takes up a huge chunk of my heart, but so does my family. Thru my postings I am certain you will hear about Kennedy, and some of the funny stories I have to share 🙂 I hope to educate about the agriculture around us…and most importantly I hope to make you smile and enjoy the people in your life!

Hello.. I am Elizabeth!

February 6, 2013

Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth Nixon and I am one of the newest Butler Ag Ambassador bloggers! I am originally from Virginia and many of you may be asking, why is a girl from Virginia attending college all the way in Kansas? Well here is my story. I have grown up in agriculture my whole entire life. It is something that runs deep in my blood, as generation upon generation has been involved in this amazing industry. My family owns and operates Glenmary Farm LLC in Rapidan, Virginia. The farm consists of 360 acres of owned land and an additional 3300 acres of rented land in the surrounding area. Our farming operation is highly diversified as we have 700 cows, a feedlot in which we finish over 1000 head of cattle a year, and we also run the BCIA Bull test station and we put on a bull sale every December. Along with the cattle, we grow over 2000 acres of corn and soybeans rotated with wheat and barley. We also have three turkey houses in which we grow hens for Cargill Turkey Production and my brother and I own our own flock of sheep from which we produce show lambs that are shown competitively at the local and state level. Growing up on a farm has caused me to develop a passion for not only the agricultural industry as a whole, but more specifically raising, showing and judging livestock. Because of this passion, I decided to attend Butler Community College to be a part of the Butler Livestock Judging Team and that is why I am here! It is my hope that through blogging, I will be able to advocate for agriculture and share all my experiences with this industry! 🙂

P.S. If you would like to learn more about my family’s farming operation, please visit

eliz black 1bw

Hi I’m Dyson;)

January 30, 2013

Hello everyone my name is Dyson Runyan and I am from a small town in Oklahoma called Madill. I am a freshman at Butler Community College and am on the Livestock Evaluation Team where we rank livestock based on traits we deem is important to us (agriculturists) and the consumer (you.) I once thought it was my destiny to serve the Oklahoma FFA Association as a State FFA Officer, but as we all know dreams change, and we are forced to make decisions that we hope we would never have to make. And yes, If you are aware of the Process you have to go through in FFA to become a State FFA OFficer you are aware of the time and dedication it takes to become one. I thought I was ready and willing to become the best officer anyone could ever be, but guess what? God had other plans, God decided that I needed to be at Butler for a specific reason, the reason why… I still don’t know. All I know is that I have met another family. I consider all of my teammates as a brother, sister, and friend. I value all the relationships that I have made in the year at Butler greatly, as well as the ones to come. I have shown and raised pigs since I was 9 years old. I know that everyone thinks that pigs stink and that they are mistreated. But I can assure you, my pigs get treated like kings and queens, and over the next couple of years I will try to prove to you that my pigs are happy as can be. I will show you the inside looks of a Swine Farmer!! Yes i know it doesn’t seem that exciting but wait till you see how cute the babies are! Everyone will want to take one home after you see them! I hope everyone who reads this takes agriculture seriously because believe it or not, no matter your beliefs, if you eat your involved in agriculture. My purpose is to be an advocate for agriculture and to have fun while doing it, like letting you all see the insides of a small, country, swine farm!


What’s your flavor?

December 7, 2012

I believe people are like coffee, just like each flavor has its own unique taste and aroma, each person no matter how similar they may seem is unique in their own way. Personally, I like to switch flavors, one day it may be a skinny caramel macchiato, another a dark Columbian roast, the next a smooth white chocolate mocha! I can always turn to coffee in almost any situation, yet as I quickly found out on my arrival, not everyone is so quick to relate.

When I first arrived in the small town of El Dorado I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the teammates I had yet to meet. I knew very little about them other than the fact that we were all coming from Ag backgrounds and just like when people tell me coffee is coffee, I was having none of the usual “an Ag kid is an Ag kid” talk! And boy was I right! I proceeded to meet my 26 very different teammates who clearly showcase the definition of diversity within the world of Ag. My teammates and I span across 15 different states most of which I’ve never even visited.

Growing up in Washington state I had very little to do with agriculture by choice, my family has always been involved in the world of Ag, however as a youngster I wanted little to do with any of it! I would have much rather have been doing a number of things I still find embarrassing to admit to this day, yet as I got older I began to appreciate my background a lot more. In high school I became an active member in the Medical Lake FFA chapter competing in just about every contest my chapter had to offer, stopping of course at Meats Judging! You may be wondering how Riley Shines, of Medical Lake, WA ended up out west! Honestly sometimes I have to ask myself the same question, although I really enjoyed Livestock Judging I didn’t start seeing results of my hard work until my junior year and once I did I realized I wanted to continue. Now while I will probably never be able to pin point why or how exactly I made my decision, I do know I’m glad I did!

I’ve had a blast since I’ve gotten here and have learned and am continuing to learn a bunch from my teammates and believe it or not have actually been able to teach them a thing or two, well sort of! Apparently being from Washington I don’t have a funny accent! However, this lesson came with a price, I found it’s not polite to ask your new teammates “if you sound as funny to them as they do to you”. I also discovered you can’t turn left on red lights in Kansas, that Maryland is NOT in the far north-east corner of the country, and that for my teammates BEEF is usually whats for dinner (:

The differences between my teammates and I are quite obvious, yet, the similarities are there as well. We may come from different places, but judging still remains within our hearts. I’ve only been in Kansas a few months and already the state, and my team have found a place in my heart that can never be forgotten and while I shall never be the same, I’m also certain that I will always be the coffee ecstatic, slightly eccentric Washingtonian who first arrived in El Dorado.

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Butler Ag Showcase

March 28, 2012

You’re invited to be our guest as we open our doors to showcase the personalities behind the POWER of the Butler Agriculture Program.

Take a tour of our recently renovated facilities and get acquainted with the nationally acclaimed students behind the power of Butler’s  agriculture program with demonstration stations throughout the building.

Thursday, March 29 ** Free to all that attend!

5-6 pm Open House & Tours

6:15 pm Heavy Hors D’oeurves

7-8 pm Student Demos

For additional information, contact Elissa Mullinix or (316) 322-3309