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Butler Alumni: Start Your Network

February 23, 2011

Butler Community College Alumna: Wendy Mayo

  BCC alumna Wendy Mayo originally hails from Garden City, Kansas.  The agricultural roots in her family run deep.  This tough, no-nonsense young lady learned the meaning of hard work while helping out on her family’s diversified operation with both cattle and farming.  There were no “girls” jobs-Wendy and her sister filled in wherever and whenever needed.  Wendy was also very active in 4-H and FFA.

While at Butler, Wendy was a valuable part of an extremely successful Livestock Judging Team.  She was also involved in Grizzly Ambassadors and the Butler Ag Club.  From day 1 Wendy was always on the lookout to find ways to form connections. 

After graduating from Butler with a degree in Agriculture Wendy continued her education at Kansas State University-for a Kansas girl like Wendy being a Wildcat is livin’ the dream.  At K-State she was an Ag Ambassador and she got very involved with the Ag Communications department, twice serving as editor of the Agriculturist (a student-produced publication from the Ag communications and Journalism department).  Wendy also competed on the K-State Livestock Judging Team and was selected as the student speaker at the December 2005 K-State College of Agriculture graduation ceremony where she graduated with dual degrees in Ag Communications and Journalism and Animal Science.

Today, Wendy’s background comes into play every day because she needs to understand both beef production and the best ways to communicate with beef producers.  Since college, Wendy has worked for Bader Rutter & Associates, a marketing communications agency.  Wendy works on the Pfizer Animal Health business in both public relations and account management.  She works with a team that is responsible for helping plan, concept and execute all of the marketing communications materials and tactics for all of the Pfizer Animal Health cattle brands. More specifically, they build ads, sales and public relations materials or anything else that producers and veterinarians see promoting Pfizer Animal Health products.

In Wendy’s words, “I work primarily on the Pfizer Animal Genetics and vaccine businesses. Working on DNA testing products has been a very interesting opportunity for me, especially in relation to my livestock judging career. Growing up in southwest Kansas, I didn’t have a lot of exposure to the seedstock business prior to college and judging. What I learned through those experiences definitely help me better understand my client’s business and how these products can be applied. I also work with industry experts and producers on a regular basis whom I met through judging.”

 Wendy also has public relations responsibilities that include writing and releasing press releases and other editorial content to beef publications, helping produce TV segments, working with editors from beef publications, like BEEF and Drovers, to help them cover animal health-related topics, interviewing producers who use Pfizer products and placing stories about them, helping organize Pfizer activities at industry events and tradeshows. On a daily basis, she is in contact with the Pfizer marketing team, editors and broadcasters, industry groups like NCBA or event vendors. She also helps to build advertising and sales materials for the Pfizer Animal Genetics business.

 I would encourage students to always keep their eyes open and remember that agriculture is a very small community. When I took my current job out of school, I didn’t think that it was related to anything I had done previously. But, I work with people on a daily basis that I met through judging, school, internships and other industry-related activities while I was in college, and before. My career path thus far has been shaped by several relationships that have opened the door to opportunities. So, I encourage students to always remember that the connections they are making now will help lead to opportunities both professionally and personally for years to come.

As you can see, Wendy Mayo is busy, by choice.  The work ethic she developed on her family farm prepared her to meet challenges along the way, and the work she did in the classroom prepared her to have a viable understanding of the industry.  Starting with her time at Butler, it was the people she met in clubs, on competitive judging teams, and in activity groups that continue to provide her with an ever-growing industry network.