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The Cow Queen

November 8, 2011

Hello world my name is Paige Wallace! For months I’ve been telling myself I need to take the time to introduce myself and well that time has arrived! So here it goes…

I am currently a sophomore at Butler Community College where I am a member of the famed Livestock Judging Team! I am a born and raised Missouri gal with a passion for livestock. I took a chance and moved to the small town of El Dorado, Kansas where I hoped to further my love of agriculture. And I’m happy I did.


Back in Missouri I along with my parents, Ernie and Tammy, and my brother Sam manage around 150 head of cows. Angus cattle have always been our passion but recently we’ve been showing a few Simmental and crossbreds. Oh and of course a few pigs! It’s really been a fun new experience for us. Unlike many families, my parents actually both work full time on the farm. Our cattle are a big part of my family’s income so we spend a lot of time exhibiting them across the country.

Here at Butler my weeks consists of giving multiple sets of reasons, traveling across the country for workouts, and when I’m not judging, I love spending time with my teammates! We’re kind of a big family around here. Oh and did I mention I film a tv show every week? One of the newest additions to my life is my job as a co-host of The Angus Report. That’s right every other week I make the long trip to St. Joseph, Missouri where we film a weekly television show for the American Angus Association. The show airs every Monday morning at 7:30 and Saturday afternoons at 1:30 on RFDtv! Or you can find past episodes by searching “The Angus Report” on Youtube.

So what else defines Paige Wallace? Well if you haven’t already noticed the title of this blog tells you about a very large part of my life. If you spent a day in my shoes you might hear the title “royalty” or “queenie” quite often. This is because for the past year I have served as Miss American Angus. It has been my duty to travel the country attending national shows and banquets, and you can’t forget all those backdrop pictures I get to take! I can’t even begin to explain how much of a life changing experience it has been, one that will unfortunately come to an end next week.


I even got to work a show with my dad!

So as you can see I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to do some pretty cool things in my life. Coming to Butler and being a member of this team has opened so many doors for me and I thank God every day that he lead me to a place like this.



Famous Faces of Butler Ag

April 25, 2011

Maybe you’re aware, and maybe you’re not. But Butler is famous.

Not because of the awesome ag program it has, or the national winning livestock judging team, or not even because we have Suzie’s in El Dorado.

It is because of the people.

A lot of great folks have gone through the classrooms in the ag department and many have gone on to do great things. Some people are even attending Butler while educating others.

One of those people is Paige Wallace, the current Miss American Angus. Tonight, at 7:00 CDT, Sure Champ is unlocking the secrets to winning in the showring, and our very own Paige will be featured on the program. Along with experts Jon Davis and Radale Tiner.

It is all going down on RFD-TV.The live show will allow viewers to call in with their questions pertaining to nutrition, pre-show preparation, and presenting your animal in the showring. Check out more info HERE. Don’t miss out!

Kids Say the Cutest Things!

April 7, 2011

I ran across this video somewhere on Facebook a while back, and thought it was too cute not to share! API Creative Media (American Angus Association) made the video, and as you will see Jerry Church made the letter 🙂

Just Living the Dream

March 29, 2011

While most college kids head South to warm weather and sun tans over Spring Break, every year my siblings and I return home to Elk City, Kansas to prepare for our family’s annual production bull sale.

This year, we sold almost 200 Angus and Hereford bulls and a little over 200 commercial females (179 and 217, respectively- to be exact). The weather was gorgeous and the lunch was simply scrumptious 🙂 (especially the pie, if I may say so myself!)

We had such a great turn out. It is always great to see old friends and make new ones.

These are some of my favorite pictures taken from the sale.

All of the pictures were taken by Anne Lampe, Secretary of the Kansas Angus Association.

Below are several more pictures from the day. These were also taken by Anne, and a few by my cousin, Susan.

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Butler Alumni-Do What You Love!

October 22, 2010

Butler Community College Alumni: Cody Sankey

Cody Sankey grew up on the Sankey 6N Ranch in Council Grove, Kansas. He is a 5th generation cattleman, in fact, he is a part of the family that has the 2nd oldest Angus herd in the United States.

Cody came to Butler Community College and competed on our nationally acclaimed Livestock Judging team, a decision that primed him for future success in the classroom as well as in the competitive world of livestock judging.  After completing his A.S. degree in Agriculture at BCC, he transferred to Oklahoma State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science. While at Oklahoma State, Cody was a key member of their 2001 National Champion Livestock Judging Team and proved to be a standout in beef cattle judging. Cody continued his education at OSU and he holds a master’s degree in ruminant nutrition.

Since his graduation from OSU Cody has been the manager of Michigan State University’s Purebred Beef Unit, a teaching program that focuses on registered Angus and Hereford cattle. At Michigan State, Cody is responsible for teaching and mentoring students who are studying beef production. He also manages the university’s purebred cow herd that consists of approximately 150 Angus, Hereford, and Commercial Cows. Under Cody’s guidance MSU  has exhibited national champions at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO, the American Royal in Kansas City, Mo and the North American Livestock Exposition in Louisville, KY.  Additionally, Cody is responsible for managing and marketing MSU sale cattle consigned to the annual  Angus Connection sale and Fall Fest Hereford sale.

In his free time, Cody serves as a livestock judge at numerous shows all over the country. He and his family are is a staunch advocates of the beef industry, and are active members of the American Angus Association. In particular, they support many junior Angus programs.

At Michigan State, Cody is able to use his beef industry experiences to continue to build the MSU herd, while sharing his love of the industry with his students. Cody is a prime example of a Butler graduate who allowed his interest area to translate to an education that ultimately has enabled him to have a career doing what he loves.

Cody Sankey with MSU Keepsake 14S, Reserve Grand Champion at the American Royal. A heifer bred by Michigan State University

Butler Alumni-Where Are They Now?

September 9, 2010

Crystal Young-Butler Community College Alumni

As an instructor it’s exciting to watch Butler CC Alumni find their niche in the Agricultural world. For some this means a return to the family farm. Many others continue their education at the university level. From time to time on the Butler Agvocates blog I’d like to draw attention to Butler Community College Alumni. Through blogs of their own they have set out to raise awareness about agricultural issues and also to introduce themselves to the world as members of the agricultural community. Their blogs are a fun (not always serious) peek into the lives of young professionals who love agriculture.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Crystal Young. Crystal is a graduate of BCC and also K-State. She is a native of Alberta, Canada who now works as the Assistant Director of Public Relations for the American Angus Association. I could tell you about Crystal’s exciting life but you would learn a lot more if you followed her on her blog at Crystal.Cattle. She writes regularly and is a lot of fun to follow.