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The Fine Line Between Creativity and Stupidity…

April 26, 2011

Part of the college experience is overcoming obstacles. Sometimes those obstacles include creatively using something in the place of something you don’t have. You know, like when you bake a birthday cake and then can’t find matches or a lighter. What fun is a birthday cake with no candles to blow out??

Just last night at the Towanda residence a birthday cake was made for Kallie’s birthday (even though her b-day was Sunday!), and of course there was a disappointing absence of candle-lighting-devices in the house. But did that stop us from getting those candles lit?? Most certainly not! Not when you have things lying around like a stove top and an old phonebook! 🙂

Here is just the beginning - you can see candles have been successfully placed on the cake, and the burner is red-hot (literally!) and ready to go! I believe somewhere out of the picture Sarah is tearing a page out of an old Yellowbook.

The phonebook page is successfully on fire and now being used to light one of the candles in order to light the rest of them.

Sure looks like teamwork to me!

SUCCESS!!! (and the house is still standing!! no firemen necessary!!)

Finally, Kallie gets to destroy our hard work and blow all the candles out. (I'll let you in on a secret - she wasn't very successful 🙂 these candles are the kind that keep on burning no matter how hard you try to blow them out!)

Complete Success!

Who says you can't have your cake and eat is too? In our case, we decided plates weren't necessary - who really wants to pay for the water and soap to wash them anyways!

So we successfully made Kallie her birthday cake – complete with burning candles. Now, was lighting a piece of paper on fire with the stove the smartest way to light the candles? Oh probably not – but hey it worked and the house didn’t burn down! We’ll let you decide whether we were truly on the “creative and genius” side of the line or the “stupid and lucky” side of the line.