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The Horse Kid

October 6, 2011

With the new semester came the need to recruit more bloggers, so I say hello it is nice to meet you.  I am Luke Barnhart, another person allowed to add thoughts to the ever evolving World Wide Web.  I will try to blog about reading worthy information for followers, but no guarantees on source crediting or politically correct, but my posts will be entertaining to read.

As the title obviously quotes, I am the horse kid from Hesston, KS.  Living in a college world surrounded by livestock judgers, I have never been so at home and yet so out-of-place.  I don’t judge livestock, I live, breath, and bleed horses, cutting horses in particular.  I have been riding horses all of my life.  My Mother Karen, grew up showing horses.  She competed most of her life in various events in the America Quarter Horse Association.  Once marring my Father Scott, she promptly turned him into a horseman as well.  So naturally I picked up the “reins” in their foot steps.  I also have the coolest younger brother Jack, who also rides horses when he’s not busy being a high-schooler and wrangling the ladies.

I am now a very avid competitor in the National Cutting Horse Association.  I show, train and compete on my own horses.  I spend many hours a week perfecting this skill with the very talented trainer Dirk Blakesly.  I travel all over the midwest and beyond going to shows and trying to make a name for myself and my horses.  Luckily I have had success in the industry, making many major finals and having a current lifetime earnings in excess of $50,000.  It’s hard work being in the Cutting industry, but the things I learn are priceless lessons to life.

By some miracle I still have the time to be a college student.  Causing trouble, chasing ladies, relentlessly studying, working out, and being a kid are still assets I get to enjoy in my life.  In my second year at Butler these normal college traits seem to be concentrated, my focus is school and my horses.  Yet, I am not going to tell you I’d rather have it another way.  I feel that I live a very busy, yet fulfilling life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Why yes we really are college students!

April 28, 2011

Just a little tidbit I felt like sharing from my day.

This would be what I saw on the marker board this afternoon when I walked into my Physics 2 class. Yes, that is a fire-breathing octopus, and yes, it is attacking a....let's go with rather scared muffin.

One of my classmates must have had a few minutes to spare before class, and decided we needed such a masterpiece for inspiration today – thank you Jerry Nguyen.  In case you were wondering, this did in fact stay on the board for the entire class period, but before you go thinking we are wasting our parent’s money instead of actually learning – have no fear, we really did take notes and productively solve some homework problems, we just felt it was necessary to work around it instead of erasing it 🙂