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Throw Back Thursday!

June 13, 2013

If you’ve gotten into any of the social media sites, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of the other countless sites out there; you are probably familiar with the common acronym T.B.T or Throw Back Thursday. Today, while scrolling through everyone’s old photos I came across a not so old photo of mine and it got me thinking of where I’ve been, where I am, and where I am headed.


2013 NACTA Sweepstakes Winners

This picture from back in April represents a lot for me. Present is most of the 2012-2013 Livestock Judging Team, 26 amazing individuals I grew to love and respect; our coach, Chris Mullinix; a man who has given me skills to take forward as I move on and whose given us all the chance of a lifetime, Elissa Mullinix, Chris’ wife, who started as just my  teacher, but as for most of us so far away became like a mom; and Marcus Arnold although our first contest with Marcus it gave us a glimpse of the year to come! Although the year came with some challenges, the long distance spread between Washington and Kansas, the realities of meeting a team full of new people on top of beginning new classes, living with roommates rather than family, and the ever so fun Chemistry classes; it was everything I gained and learned from these challenges that made the year absolutely perfect. I’m still not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to all the fun times and the people we will surely miss. Yet, as we say goodbye to a year spent with the Sophomores, we ourselves will take their place and soon we shall meet a handful of new judgers eager to join our family. Even harder it seems is saying not a “farewell”, but merely a “see you later,” to Chris and Elissa our Kansas parents. Chris who has coached at Butler for 16 years gets to start a new adventure at K-State where just like here, where we won’t forget him, neither shall he forget about us. He’ll still be there when we need him, just a phone call away. And with our “farewells” come our “hellos” we’re as excited as ever to start the year off right with our new coaches in tow and stenos in hand, we hope for a great year and to fill the shoes of those who did it before us. We’re grateful for the memories we have and the ones yet to come!


2013 Sophomore Judging Team

What’s your flavor?

December 7, 2012

I believe people are like coffee, just like each flavor has its own unique taste and aroma, each person no matter how similar they may seem is unique in their own way. Personally, I like to switch flavors, one day it may be a skinny caramel macchiato, another a dark Columbian roast, the next a smooth white chocolate mocha! I can always turn to coffee in almost any situation, yet as I quickly found out on my arrival, not everyone is so quick to relate.

When I first arrived in the small town of El Dorado I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the teammates I had yet to meet. I knew very little about them other than the fact that we were all coming from Ag backgrounds and just like when people tell me coffee is coffee, I was having none of the usual “an Ag kid is an Ag kid” talk! And boy was I right! I proceeded to meet my 26 very different teammates who clearly showcase the definition of diversity within the world of Ag. My teammates and I span across 15 different states most of which I’ve never even visited.

Growing up in Washington state I had very little to do with agriculture by choice, my family has always been involved in the world of Ag, however as a youngster I wanted little to do with any of it! I would have much rather have been doing a number of things I still find embarrassing to admit to this day, yet as I got older I began to appreciate my background a lot more. In high school I became an active member in the Medical Lake FFA chapter competing in just about every contest my chapter had to offer, stopping of course at Meats Judging! You may be wondering how Riley Shines, of Medical Lake, WA ended up out west! Honestly sometimes I have to ask myself the same question, although I really enjoyed Livestock Judging I didn’t start seeing results of my hard work until my junior year and once I did I realized I wanted to continue. Now while I will probably never be able to pin point why or how exactly I made my decision, I do know I’m glad I did!

I’ve had a blast since I’ve gotten here and have learned and am continuing to learn a bunch from my teammates and believe it or not have actually been able to teach them a thing or two, well sort of! Apparently being from Washington I don’t have a funny accent! However, this lesson came with a price, I found it’s not polite to ask your new teammates “if you sound as funny to them as they do to you”. I also discovered you can’t turn left on red lights in Kansas, that Maryland is NOT in the far north-east corner of the country, and that for my teammates BEEF is usually whats for dinner (:

The differences between my teammates and I are quite obvious, yet, the similarities are there as well. We may come from different places, but judging still remains within our hearts. I’ve only been in Kansas a few months and already the state, and my team have found a place in my heart that can never be forgotten and while I shall never be the same, I’m also certain that I will always be the coffee ecstatic, slightly eccentric Washingtonian who first arrived in El Dorado.

 butler map

The Livestock Judging Team has a Confession.

October 5, 2011

The 2011-2012 Butler Livestock Judging Team flocked from all ends of the country, racking up a grand total of 17,885 miles and over 285 hours on the road simply to arrive in El Dorado, Kansas. We came to spend two years with 29 teammates gaining invaluable knowledge about livestock and life.  We came to learn how to look, understand and speak. We came to learn how to make fast decisions. We came to learn how to defend ourselves, how to build our vocabulary impeccably, how to speak with confidence, poise and perfection. Yet, we are on a never-ending quest to find the feeling that leaves us speechless.

It is an exhilarating emotion walking side by side with teammates into the sunset, as the wind sends shadows of a bright red show barn and sturdy oak trees dancing onto the ground after hours of analyzing hogs, sheep and cattle. Seeing three different teammates receive high individual at three consecutive contests grants the greatest satisfaction any team can gain. Bundled up in snow gear, crammed in a fifteen passenger van surrounded by some of the most amazing, driven, dedicated, passionate livestock industry members there are, driving through the hills of Iowa blanketed in untouched, freshly fallen, delicate, white snow is matchless. Somewhere between phenomenal stock, breath-taking sights, and people that changed the livestock industry, it just hits you. It’s a feeling that paralyzes a person for words.

So, to all the Butler Alumni, to all the Butler faculty, parents, supporters, donators, and followers: the Butler livestock judging team has a confession. We may practice in the Oklahoma sun until 29 team members are burnt crispy, we may burn fuel to rush to Nebraska so we can look at sheep until 3 am, we may give reasons until our voices are hoarse, we may spend scholarship money on endless stenos and pencils that are used to describe everyday, common livestock…..but there are just moments when even WE are left speechless.

One LONGGGGG Weekend of Livestock Judging

October 3, 2011

It’s been a bit of a hectic week trying to catch up from three straight days of contests (Sept. 23-25.) After putting in several weeks of hard work, the 2011-2012 Butler Livestock Judging Team finally made their debut. Friday was predated by two days of preparing the El Dorado Fairgrounds for its annual Flint Hills Classic Livestock Judging Contest. With more than 500 contestants from across the nation, the contest was awesome! Saturday morning came early, with a trip to Wichita for the Mid-America Livestock Judging Contest. Following this, the Sophomore Team (and our 4-H competitors) jumped in the van and headed for Omaha to compete in the AKSARBEN Judging Contest on Sunday. Here is a list of the results from the weekend!

Flint Hills Classic – September 23, 2011

Freshman Division:

Sheep: Caleb Lagrone 4th (227)

Butler Gold Team 2nd, Butler Purple Team 3rd

Swine: Spencer Scotten 1st (289), Cody Beck 5th (286)

Butler Gold 1st, Butler Purple 2nd

Beef: Brady Jensen 1st (437), Cody Beck 2nd (424), Logan Bracy 4th (421)

Butler Purple 1st, Butler Gold 2nd

Reasons: Spencer Scotten 1st (276), Caleb Lagrone 2nd (273), Kerri Horvath 4th (272), Brady Jensen 5th (271)

Butler Purple 1st

Overall: Brady Jensen 1st (930), Cody Beck 3rd (915), Spencer Scotten 4th (914), Kerri Horvath 5th (908), Sydney Gehl 6th (908), Garrett Reiss 9th (898)

Butler Purple 1st, Butler Gold 2nd

Sophomore Division:

Sheep: Jared Wynn 2nd (228), Katy Satree 3rd (226)

Swine: Kinzie Selke 4th (284)

Butler 3rd

Beef: Emily Jackson 1st (433), Taylor Graham 2nd (431), Kati Keys 4th (427), Kinzie Selke 5th (425)

Butler Purple 1st, Butler Gold 2nd

Reasons: Maverick Squires 1st (279), Kinzie Selke 4th (276), Taylor Graham 5th (276)

Butler Purple 1st

Overall: Taylor Graham 1st (926), Kinzie Selke 2nd (912), Alyson Moore 5th (902)

Butler Purple 1st

Mid-America Classic Livestock Judging Contest – Wichita, KS

Freshman Division:

Sheep: Caleb Lagrone 1st (241), Kerri Horvath 2nd (239)

Butler Gold 2nd, Butler Purple 3rd

Swine: Butler Gold 4th

Beef: Garrett Reiss 5th (375)

Butler Gold 3rd

Reasons: Kerri Horvath 1st (183), Brady Jensen 3rd (180)

Butler Gold 2nd, Butler Purple 4th

Overall: Spencer Scotten 4th (747), Kerri Horvath 9th (742)

Butler Gold 2nd, Butler Purple 5th

Sophomore Division:

Sheep: Maverick Squires 1st (288), Jared Wynn 2nd (280), Kyle Wilson 3rd (280)

Butler Gold 2nd, Butler Purple 5th

Swine: Butler Gold 2nd, Butler Purple 4th

Beef: Butler Gold 5th

Reasons: Maverick Squires 2nd (279)

Butler Gold 1st

Overall: Maverick Squires 1st (856), Jared Wynn 7th (841)

Butler Gold 2nd, Butler Purple 5th

AKSARBEN Livestock Judging Contest – Omaha, NE (Sophomore Team only)

Sheep: Jared Wynn 2nd (291), Brett Moriarty 5th (285)

Butler 2nd

Swine: Alyson Moore 2nd (232), Jared Wynn 5th (229)

Butler 1st

Beef: Emily Jackson 1st (431), Taylor Graham 3rd (427)

Butler 3rd

Reasons: Jared Wynn 3rd (370), Maverick Squires 5th (266)

Butler 1st

Overall: Jared Wynn 1st (945)

Butler 2nd

3 days + 152 animals + 20 sets of reasons  = 1 AWESOME weekend for Butler CC Livestock Judging!

How y’all doin’?…Greetings from the Carolina’s!

September 13, 2011

Let the blogging fun begin! Hello there, fellow readers of the Butler Agvocates Blog…my name is Alyson Moore. I’m 19 years old (the big 2-0 comes in February!) and I’m currently a sophomore here at the great, Butler Community College! A southern accent, a yellow Ford F-150, sheep, and a love for baking cakes would probably be a few of the things most people would relate me to….and yet, many other descriptions fall between the cracks. For instance, I’m an admitted shopaholic and living 20 minutes from Wichita doesn’t help (jewelry and purses are a personal favorite)! Photography is something I’ve always enjoyed however here recently it’s beginning to be a potential frame to my future. And…we can’t forget a love for crafts! Just this summer, I restored and painted two western flyer bicycles (with the help of my dad and brother), painted multiple beach and ACC sports themed bird houses, and found some vintage chairs at local flea markets which I painted and are currently sitting around my dining room table. But, these things are just a small glimpse into my hectic, amazingly fun, life!

just one of my cakes! of course an ice-skating cow was perfect for a friends winter birthday!

NCSU bird house!

A set of twin lambs born on my small, family, club lamb operation, this past winter...Guber and Gomer(:

As the great song, Wagon Wheel says, I was raised down south in the land of the pine (you can listen to this Raleigh, NC anthem by following the link below). I call North Carolina…home! Those of you who aren’t familiar with North Carolina, here are a few fun facts:

A beautiful sunrise while traveling back to the main-land (on ferry) from Ocracoke Island this past summer....along with my second family, The Boone's-Ladd's(:

  • North Carolina’s highest point is Mt. Mitchell; 6,684 ft, in the Smokey Mountains and its lowest point is sea level at Atlantic Ocean! NC is one of the few states you can vacation in the Mountains one day and drive 6 hours the next to enjoy the white, sandy beaches of Atlantic Ocean!
  • As a coastal state, we have a “State Fish” and a “State Boat!” The Channel Bass serves as our Fish representative and the Shad Boat represents our waterway travel (:
  • A few of our major industries are Tobacco, Cotton, Furniture, Pork, and Poultry (all of which are Ag related Products…go us!!) 
  • Billy Graham, Andy Griffith, James Taylor, Dale Earnhardt, Michael Jordan, and (of course) Zach Galifianakis all call NC home!

And, we can’t forget we have the Wright Brothers to thank for our airway travel!

My home and family roots are both things I’m very proud of! But, I’m also very thankful for the support and love I’ve been shown over the past few years, which has led me to where I am today…El Dorado, Kansas! My family has always had strong ties with the production agriculture industry. My grandfather raised and sold market hogs and we’re also a 4th generation tobacco family! But, ultimately I owe my travels, student life here at BCC, and successes involving the Agriculture world to my Dad, who asked me a simple question one day about 15 years ago. Even though I was very young, the answer was simple when asked if I wanted to show lambs and become a part of 4-H! The fun, hard-working, dedicated lifestyle began soon after at my first county 4-H Livestock Show! Since then, I’ve exhibited lambs at the County, State, and National level each year. Eventually this led to an interest in also showing cattle and hogs, becoming a part of the FFA…and, of course, an interest in Livestock Judging! Which is where the evidence lies of why a yellow ford with NC tags is parked everyday in El Dorado, KS! I am honored to say I’m a member of the well acclaimed, extremely accomplished, Butler Livestock Judging Team…and better yet, the Butler Ag family!

Grand Champion Market Lamb at the 2010 NC State Fair!

In recent news….the big decision that’s on all of the Butler Sophomore’s minds will soon take place! Where to transfer? Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Colorado State, or North Carolina State?….decisions, decisions! Wish me luck and say a few prayers along the way!

God bless and I look forward to sharing more soon!

Listen to Wagon Wheel!


Houston – The Last Results

March 18, 2011

Team Members were Chandler Akins, Barrett Carlisle, Whitney Darr, Ethan James, Morgan Meisenheimer & Analena Simmons.

Alternates were Kallie Johnson, Will Johnson & Sarah Loughridge.


5th Overall, 3rd Reasons, 4th Sheep & Goats, 5th Cattle


Chandler Akins: 7th Overall, 3rd Cattle, 9th Placings, 12th Oral Reasons

Barrett Carlisle: 10th Overall, 7th Sheep & Goats, 13th Hogs, 8th Oral Reasons

Morgan Meisenheimer: 18th Overall, 3rd Sheep & Goats, 3rd Oral Reasons

Whitney Darr: 6th Cattle

Top 10 in Sheep & Goats - Morgan 3rd, Barrett 7th

Top 10 in Cattle - Chandler 3rd, Whitney 6th

Top 10 in Placings - Chandler 9th

Top 10 Reasons - Morgan 3rd, Barrett 8th

Top 10 Overall - Chandler 7th, Barrett 10th

Also Morgan Meisenheimer & Chandler Akins were named to the 2011 Junior College Coaches Association list of All Americans:


In general it is never an easy thing to accept that things have to come to an end – and the end of our junior collegiate livestock judging careers is no different. The past two years my team and I have spent at Butler have been nothing short of amazing. There were irreplaceable highs and disappointing lows, but no matter what the life lessons learned and great memories shared will remain in our hearts.

The night before Houston was bittersweet. There was that saddening knowledge that the next day would be the last time Chandler, Barrett, Whitney, Ethan, Kallie, Will, Sarah, Analena and myself would judge as teammates. No doubt, many of us also couldn’t help but think about how Chris has been an unbelievable mentor who has helped us grow not only as evaluators, but more importantly as people of value and integrity.

That strange feeling of the end remained the next morning. Still, there was no team in the building that laughed as much as we did as we sat in the stands awaiting the contest to begin. As I think back to the memories of Houston, this laughter is one of the first things that comes to mind and I believe it speaks volumes of the friendship the 2010-2011 team has developed.

There is no question, as a team we did not do as well at Houston as we had hoped. Yet, as we look to the past two years as a whole it’s so obvious how much we have accomplished and much of it comes in twos. We are a two time National Champion team with two All-Americans and two High Individuals at National Contests. However, I think nine is actually our number for we are a group of nine livestock enthusiasts and friends who have learned valuable skills that will allow us to lead lives of success.

Despite this chapter of our lives coming to a close, we all look forward to our next two years at our respective senior colleges and lifetimes to be spent within the industry we love.

Butler Alumni: Start Your Network

February 23, 2011

Butler Community College Alumna: Wendy Mayo

  BCC alumna Wendy Mayo originally hails from Garden City, Kansas.  The agricultural roots in her family run deep.  This tough, no-nonsense young lady learned the meaning of hard work while helping out on her family’s diversified operation with both cattle and farming.  There were no “girls” jobs-Wendy and her sister filled in wherever and whenever needed.  Wendy was also very active in 4-H and FFA.

While at Butler, Wendy was a valuable part of an extremely successful Livestock Judging Team.  She was also involved in Grizzly Ambassadors and the Butler Ag Club.  From day 1 Wendy was always on the lookout to find ways to form connections. 

After graduating from Butler with a degree in Agriculture Wendy continued her education at Kansas State University-for a Kansas girl like Wendy being a Wildcat is livin’ the dream.  At K-State she was an Ag Ambassador and she got very involved with the Ag Communications department, twice serving as editor of the Agriculturist (a student-produced publication from the Ag communications and Journalism department).  Wendy also competed on the K-State Livestock Judging Team and was selected as the student speaker at the December 2005 K-State College of Agriculture graduation ceremony where she graduated with dual degrees in Ag Communications and Journalism and Animal Science.

Today, Wendy’s background comes into play every day because she needs to understand both beef production and the best ways to communicate with beef producers.  Since college, Wendy has worked for Bader Rutter & Associates, a marketing communications agency.  Wendy works on the Pfizer Animal Health business in both public relations and account management.  She works with a team that is responsible for helping plan, concept and execute all of the marketing communications materials and tactics for all of the Pfizer Animal Health cattle brands. More specifically, they build ads, sales and public relations materials or anything else that producers and veterinarians see promoting Pfizer Animal Health products.

In Wendy’s words, “I work primarily on the Pfizer Animal Genetics and vaccine businesses. Working on DNA testing products has been a very interesting opportunity for me, especially in relation to my livestock judging career. Growing up in southwest Kansas, I didn’t have a lot of exposure to the seedstock business prior to college and judging. What I learned through those experiences definitely help me better understand my client’s business and how these products can be applied. I also work with industry experts and producers on a regular basis whom I met through judging.”

 Wendy also has public relations responsibilities that include writing and releasing press releases and other editorial content to beef publications, helping produce TV segments, working with editors from beef publications, like BEEF and Drovers, to help them cover animal health-related topics, interviewing producers who use Pfizer products and placing stories about them, helping organize Pfizer activities at industry events and tradeshows. On a daily basis, she is in contact with the Pfizer marketing team, editors and broadcasters, industry groups like NCBA or event vendors. She also helps to build advertising and sales materials for the Pfizer Animal Genetics business.

 I would encourage students to always keep their eyes open and remember that agriculture is a very small community. When I took my current job out of school, I didn’t think that it was related to anything I had done previously. But, I work with people on a daily basis that I met through judging, school, internships and other industry-related activities while I was in college, and before. My career path thus far has been shaped by several relationships that have opened the door to opportunities. So, I encourage students to always remember that the connections they are making now will help lead to opportunities both professionally and personally for years to come.

As you can see, Wendy Mayo is busy, by choice.  The work ethic she developed on her family farm prepared her to meet challenges along the way, and the work she did in the classroom prepared her to have a viable understanding of the industry.  Starting with her time at Butler, it was the people she met in clubs, on competitive judging teams, and in activity groups that continue to provide her with an ever-growing industry network. 

3 for 1! Double the Contest Results & a Song of the Week…

February 22, 2011

First, please enjoy the song that won’t stop playing in El Doardo. It’s called “Erase Me” by Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West. It’s the bomb.

\”Erase Me\” by Kid cudi feat Kanye West


Next, the Results from the sophomores trip to San Antonio

The Team: Reserve National Champions!

Team Members were Chandler Akins, Barrett Carlisle, Whitney Darr, Ethan James & Morgan Meisenheimer.

2nd Overall, 1st Cattle, 2nd Oral Reasons, 3rd Goats


Whitney Darr: 2nd Overall, 3rd Cattle, 4th Goat, Tied 6th Reasons

Chandler Akins: 6th Overall, 6th Hogs

Ethan James: 2nd Cattle

Barrett Carlisle: Tied 6th Reasons

Kallie Johnson: 7th Goats

Will Johnson: 10th Cattle

Sarah Loughridge: 12th Goats

Analena Simmons: 13th Reasons

Back Row (L-R): Chris Mullinix, Barrett Carlisle, Whitney Darr, Will Johnson, Chandler Akins & Ethan James. Front Row (L-R): Sarah Loughridge, Analena Simmons, Kallie Johnson & Morgan Meisenheimer.


Finally, the results from the Freshman’s trip to the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic

Teams: 1st & 3rd finishes!

Team 1 members were Taylor Graham, Emily Jackson, Maverick Squires & Jared Wynn.

1st Overall, 1st Reasons, 3rd Placings

Team 2 members were Parker Henley, Brett Moriarty, Kinzie Selke & Kyle Wilson

3rd Overall, 5th Reasons, 2nd Placings

Team 3 members were Julia Horn, Alyson Moore, Katy Satree & Paige Wallace

7th Overall, 8th Placings


Taylor Graham: 1st Overall, 5th Placings, 6th Reasons

Emily Jackson: 3rd Overall, 4th Reasons

Maverick Squires: 4rd Overall, tied for 2nd Reasons

Kyle Wilson: 8th Overall, tied for 2rd Reasons

Alyson Moore: 13th Overall, tied for 12th Reasons

Jarrod Beam: 7th Placings

Kinzie Selke: 8th Placings

Brett Moriarty: Tied 15th Reasons

Butler Alum Garrett Knebel with the Freshman at one of the contest this spring.

Results from the Iowa Expo

February 16, 2011
Teams- 3 finishing in the top 10  

Team 1: (So) Chandler Akins, Whitney Darr, Ethan James, Morgan Meisenheimer – 2nd Overall, 2nd Reasons

Team 2: Parker Henley (Fr), Sarah Loughridge (So), Kinzie Selke (Fr), Kyle Wilson (Fr) – 7th Overall, 5th Reasons

Team 3: (Fr) Taylor Graham, Emily Jackson, Maverick Squires, Jared Wynn – 9th Overall, 7th Reasons

Team 4: (So) Barrett Carlisle, Kallie Johnson, Will Johnson, Analena Simmons – 11th Overall, 8th Reasons

Team 5: (Fr) Julia Horn, Alyson Moore, Brett Moriarty, Paige Wallace – 13th Overall, 12th Reasons

Team 6: (Fr) Jarrod Beam, Ben Gleason, Kati Keys, Katy Satree


Morgan Meisenheimer: 3rd Overall, 8th Placings, Tied 6th in Reasons

Whitney Darr: 11th Overall, Tied for 6th Reasons

Taylor Graham: 14th Overall, 17th Placings, Tied 20th Reasons

Emily Jackson: 21st Overall, 9th Placings

Chandler Akins: 22nd Overall, Tied for 13th Reasons

Analena Simmons: Tied for 6th Reasons

Sarah Loughridge: 11th Reasons

Results from Fort Worth

February 9, 2011

Fort Worth Stock Show Livestock Judging Contest 02-04-2011

Floor members were Chandler Akins, Barrett Carlisle, Whitney Darr, Ethan James & Morgan Meisenheimer.

Alternates were Kallie Johnson, Will Johnson, Sarah Loughridge & Analena Simmons.

The Team- National Champs!

1st Overall, 1st Oral Reasons, 2nd Cattle, 3rd Sheep, 1st Hogs, 2nd Horses


Whitney Darr: 1st Overall, 1st Oral Reasons, 4th Cattle, 3rd Sheep, 4th Hogs

Chandler Akins: 4th Overall, 6th Oral Reasons, 10th Cattle, 10th Sheep, tied for 10th in Hogs

Morgan Meisenheimer: 9th Overall, 5th Oral Reasons, 1st Hogs

Ethan James: 17th Overall

Barrett Carlisle: 9th Oral Reasons, 8th Sheep, tied for 10th in Horses

Will Johnson: tied for 10th in Hogs

Sarah Loughridge: tied for 10th in Horses

The team from L-R: Chris Mullinix, Ethan James, Barrett Carlisle, Sarah Loughridge, Morgan Meisenheimer, Whitney Darr, Kallie Johnson, Analena Simmons, Will Johnson & Chandler Akins.