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The Best Christmas Present Ever

December 26, 2011

If you were to ask my three- year old cousin what was the best Christmas present she ever got, the response wouldn’t take long:  mermaid Barbie doll. If you were to ask my brother what his favorite Christmas present was, he would probably answer an iPad. And, I think if you telepathically asked my weiny dog what her favorite Christmas present has been, she’d tell you it’s the indestructible chew toy that she has desperately tried to rip apart for the past year. So, of course I started pondering what my favorite Christmas present has been over the years. Was it my plastic toy kitchen at age five? Was it the infamous “Nintendo Gameboy” at age ten? Or the puppy at age fourteen? And then last night, it hit me. The best Christmas present I ever received didn’t come in a box with a bow on top, in fact, it didn’t even come on Christmas, it comes all year round and is not even a tangible object!

Last night, as my family was winding down the Christmas celebrations, my dad headed out to check the cows one last time before we all headed to bed. Well, about 20 minutes later, I got a phone call from dear ole’ Dad saying that we had a cow down, stuck in the mud. So, I piled on my insulated overalls, mud boots, ear muffs and gloves and headed out to fear that dreaded, bitter, blizzardy (ok, maybe not) Texas winter night.

My family owns a dairy, so it is not uncommon for cows to lay down and later get “milk fever” and not be able to get up. The condition is not paralyzing, or even deadly, and a couple of I.V.s of sugar usually does the trick and the cows are back on their feet!

So, here I was, on Christmas day standing in the freezing cold weather, up to my ankles in mud, holding a bag of liquid sugar, and rubbing towels over a muddy cow so she wouldn’t be cold. Glamorous, I know. But, at that moment, I looked up and realized something…… was a gorgeous night. Stretched out across acres and acres of oak tree pastures were peaceful dairy cows lying beneath the clearest sky, and more stars than a person could count.

So, the best Christmas present ever? Growing up on a farm.

Besides the valuable character traits and life lessons learned, farmers get to see sights that not many people will ever experience. So to all the parents who chose to raise their kids on a farm…rock on! For, living the farm life is a Christmas present that comes without a price tag and lasts forever.