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Houston – The Last Results

March 18, 2011

Team Members were Chandler Akins, Barrett Carlisle, Whitney Darr, Ethan James, Morgan Meisenheimer & Analena Simmons.

Alternates were Kallie Johnson, Will Johnson & Sarah Loughridge.


5th Overall, 3rd Reasons, 4th Sheep & Goats, 5th Cattle


Chandler Akins: 7th Overall, 3rd Cattle, 9th Placings, 12th Oral Reasons

Barrett Carlisle: 10th Overall, 7th Sheep & Goats, 13th Hogs, 8th Oral Reasons

Morgan Meisenheimer: 18th Overall, 3rd Sheep & Goats, 3rd Oral Reasons

Whitney Darr: 6th Cattle

Top 10 in Sheep & Goats - Morgan 3rd, Barrett 7th

Top 10 in Cattle - Chandler 3rd, Whitney 6th

Top 10 in Placings - Chandler 9th

Top 10 Reasons - Morgan 3rd, Barrett 8th

Top 10 Overall - Chandler 7th, Barrett 10th

Also Morgan Meisenheimer & Chandler Akins were named to the 2011 Junior College Coaches Association list of All Americans:


In general it is never an easy thing to accept that things have to come to an end – and the end of our junior collegiate livestock judging careers is no different. The past two years my team and I have spent at Butler have been nothing short of amazing. There were irreplaceable highs and disappointing lows, but no matter what the life lessons learned and great memories shared will remain in our hearts.

The night before Houston was bittersweet. There was that saddening knowledge that the next day would be the last time Chandler, Barrett, Whitney, Ethan, Kallie, Will, Sarah, Analena and myself would judge as teammates. No doubt, many of us also couldn’t help but think about how Chris has been an unbelievable mentor who has helped us grow not only as evaluators, but more importantly as people of value and integrity.

That strange feeling of the end remained the next morning. Still, there was no team in the building that laughed as much as we did as we sat in the stands awaiting the contest to begin. As I think back to the memories of Houston, this laughter is one of the first things that comes to mind and I believe it speaks volumes of the friendship the 2010-2011 team has developed.

There is no question, as a team we did not do as well at Houston as we had hoped. Yet, as we look to the past two years as a whole it’s so obvious how much we have accomplished and much of it comes in twos. We are a two time National Champion team with two All-Americans and two High Individuals at National Contests. However, I think nine is actually our number for we are a group of nine livestock enthusiasts and friends who have learned valuable skills that will allow us to lead lives of success.

Despite this chapter of our lives coming to a close, we all look forward to our next two years at our respective senior colleges and lifetimes to be spent within the industry we love.

3 for 1! Double the Contest Results & a Song of the Week…

February 22, 2011

First, please enjoy the song that won’t stop playing in El Doardo. It’s called “Erase Me” by Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West. It’s the bomb.

\”Erase Me\” by Kid cudi feat Kanye West


Next, the Results from the sophomores trip to San Antonio

The Team: Reserve National Champions!

Team Members were Chandler Akins, Barrett Carlisle, Whitney Darr, Ethan James & Morgan Meisenheimer.

2nd Overall, 1st Cattle, 2nd Oral Reasons, 3rd Goats


Whitney Darr: 2nd Overall, 3rd Cattle, 4th Goat, Tied 6th Reasons

Chandler Akins: 6th Overall, 6th Hogs

Ethan James: 2nd Cattle

Barrett Carlisle: Tied 6th Reasons

Kallie Johnson: 7th Goats

Will Johnson: 10th Cattle

Sarah Loughridge: 12th Goats

Analena Simmons: 13th Reasons

Back Row (L-R): Chris Mullinix, Barrett Carlisle, Whitney Darr, Will Johnson, Chandler Akins & Ethan James. Front Row (L-R): Sarah Loughridge, Analena Simmons, Kallie Johnson & Morgan Meisenheimer.


Finally, the results from the Freshman’s trip to the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic

Teams: 1st & 3rd finishes!

Team 1 members were Taylor Graham, Emily Jackson, Maverick Squires & Jared Wynn.

1st Overall, 1st Reasons, 3rd Placings

Team 2 members were Parker Henley, Brett Moriarty, Kinzie Selke & Kyle Wilson

3rd Overall, 5th Reasons, 2nd Placings

Team 3 members were Julia Horn, Alyson Moore, Katy Satree & Paige Wallace

7th Overall, 8th Placings


Taylor Graham: 1st Overall, 5th Placings, 6th Reasons

Emily Jackson: 3rd Overall, 4th Reasons

Maverick Squires: 4rd Overall, tied for 2nd Reasons

Kyle Wilson: 8th Overall, tied for 2rd Reasons

Alyson Moore: 13th Overall, tied for 12th Reasons

Jarrod Beam: 7th Placings

Kinzie Selke: 8th Placings

Brett Moriarty: Tied 15th Reasons

Butler Alum Garrett Knebel with the Freshman at one of the contest this spring.

Results from the Iowa Expo

February 16, 2011
Teams- 3 finishing in the top 10  

Team 1: (So) Chandler Akins, Whitney Darr, Ethan James, Morgan Meisenheimer – 2nd Overall, 2nd Reasons

Team 2: Parker Henley (Fr), Sarah Loughridge (So), Kinzie Selke (Fr), Kyle Wilson (Fr) – 7th Overall, 5th Reasons

Team 3: (Fr) Taylor Graham, Emily Jackson, Maverick Squires, Jared Wynn – 9th Overall, 7th Reasons

Team 4: (So) Barrett Carlisle, Kallie Johnson, Will Johnson, Analena Simmons – 11th Overall, 8th Reasons

Team 5: (Fr) Julia Horn, Alyson Moore, Brett Moriarty, Paige Wallace – 13th Overall, 12th Reasons

Team 6: (Fr) Jarrod Beam, Ben Gleason, Kati Keys, Katy Satree


Morgan Meisenheimer: 3rd Overall, 8th Placings, Tied 6th in Reasons

Whitney Darr: 11th Overall, Tied for 6th Reasons

Taylor Graham: 14th Overall, 17th Placings, Tied 20th Reasons

Emily Jackson: 21st Overall, 9th Placings

Chandler Akins: 22nd Overall, Tied for 13th Reasons

Analena Simmons: Tied for 6th Reasons

Sarah Loughridge: 11th Reasons

Results from Fort Worth

February 9, 2011

Fort Worth Stock Show Livestock Judging Contest 02-04-2011

Floor members were Chandler Akins, Barrett Carlisle, Whitney Darr, Ethan James & Morgan Meisenheimer.

Alternates were Kallie Johnson, Will Johnson, Sarah Loughridge & Analena Simmons.

The Team- National Champs!

1st Overall, 1st Oral Reasons, 2nd Cattle, 3rd Sheep, 1st Hogs, 2nd Horses


Whitney Darr: 1st Overall, 1st Oral Reasons, 4th Cattle, 3rd Sheep, 4th Hogs

Chandler Akins: 4th Overall, 6th Oral Reasons, 10th Cattle, 10th Sheep, tied for 10th in Hogs

Morgan Meisenheimer: 9th Overall, 5th Oral Reasons, 1st Hogs

Ethan James: 17th Overall

Barrett Carlisle: 9th Oral Reasons, 8th Sheep, tied for 10th in Horses

Will Johnson: tied for 10th in Hogs

Sarah Loughridge: tied for 10th in Horses

The team from L-R: Chris Mullinix, Ethan James, Barrett Carlisle, Sarah Loughridge, Morgan Meisenheimer, Whitney Darr, Kallie Johnson, Analena Simmons, Will Johnson & Chandler Akins.

Results from South Dakota

January 31, 2011
Results from Sioux Empire Farm Show Livestock Judging Contest 2011…


1st– Whitney Darr (So).

3rd– Morgan Meisenheimer (So).

4th– Ethan James (So).

6th– Chandler Akins (So)

10th– Kyle “Willie” Wilson (Fr).

Also finishing in the top 20 were Paige Wallace (Fr), Kallie Johnson (So),  Maverick Squires (Fr), Emily Jackson (Fr) & Barrett Carlisle (So).

Teams: 1st, 4th, 7th & 8th


Tied for 1st- Morgan Meisenheimer & Whitney Darr (So).

4th– Chandler Akins (So).

Tied for 5th– Maverick Squires (Fr), Barrett Carlisle (So) & Jared Wynn (Fr).

Teams: 1st, 4th, 6th


Tied for 1st- Chandler Akins (So).

3rd- Whitney Darr (So).

4th- Ethan James (So).

Also in the top 10 was Morgan Meisenheimer & Kallie Johnson (So).

Teams: 1st, 4th, 7th

Sheep & Goats:

4th- Whitney Darr (So).

5th- Maverick Squires (Fr).

Also finishing in the top 10 were Kinzie Selke (Fr), Analena Simmons (So) & Kallie Johnson (So).

Teams: 1st, 3rd, 4th, 10th


2nd– Whitney Darr (So).

4th- Emily Jackson (Fr).

Also finishing in the top 10 was Paige Wallace (Fr).

Teams: 2nd, 4th, 8th


Denver, The National Western Stock Show

January 24, 2011

National Western Livestock Judging Contest

Floor members were Chandler Akins, Barrett Carlisle, Whitney Darr, Ethan James and Morgan Meisenheimer. Chandler tied for 1st in Hogs.

Team Results: 4th in sheep & goats, 8th Overall


Members were Kallie Johnson, Will Johnson, Sarah Loughridge, Morgan Meisenheimer, and Analena Simmons.

Analena was 6th and the team finished 3rd overall.



Our team doesn’t have our own song. But what we have means even more. Before every contest Will Johnson leads our team in the Husker’s Prayer.

Dear Lord, the battles we go through life,

We ask for a chance that’s fair,

A chance to equal our stride,

A chance to do or dare,

If we should win, let it be by the code,

Faith and Honor held high,

If we should lose, we’ll stand by the road,

And cheer as the winners go by.

Day by Day, we get better and better!

The team that can’t be beat, WON’T BE BEAT!

This time, we lost. In fact, we were 8th. Although still in the top 10, we did not live up to the goals we have set for ourselves.

Whether it is right or wrong when you are a part of a Butler judging team there is always that fear of misrepresenting such an unbelievably successful program. Questions go through your mind like, “What if we are the team who can‘t replicate our initial success, or doesn‘t finish in the top 5?”

It is easy to focus on your disappointment after an eighth place finish. Another easy thing to do, is forgetting how you should act. With this in mind, Denver has reminded our team that we should try to not become solely people of success, but first and foremost; men and women of value.

Like Leo F. Buscaglia has said, people seem to gain wisdom more readily through failure than success. We always think of failure as the antithesis of success, but it isn’t. Success often lies just the other side of failure.

I also agree with Colin Powell, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”  Honestly, preparation and hard work are not the shortcomings of my team. Never before have I surrounded myself with such enthusiastic hard workers. In fact, in my experience our tenacious drive is simply unparalleled.

It just turns out that now is the time for us to learn about something other than livestock judging.

Results from the American Royal

November 1, 2010

The American Royal

Floor members were Chandler Akins, Barrett Carlisle, Ethan James, Morgan Meisenheimer and Analena Simmons.


  • Morgan Meisenheimer (Md):  9th Overall, 3rd Oral Reasons, 4th Cattle
  • Ethan James (Ks):  12th Overall, 8th Sheep & Goats
  • Analena Simmons (Ks):  7th Oral Reasons
  • Chandler Akins (Ga):  6th Hogs


  • 3rd Overall
  • 3rd Oral Reasons
  • 3rd Sheep
  • 4th Cattle
  • 7th Hogs