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Famous Faces of Butler Ag

April 25, 2011

Maybe you’re aware, and maybe you’re not. But Butler is famous.

Not because of the awesome ag program it has, or the┬ánational winning┬álivestock judging team, or not even because we have Suzie’s in El Dorado.

It is because of the people.

A lot of great folks have gone through the classrooms in the ag department and many have gone on to do great things. Some people are even attending Butler while educating others.

One of those people is Paige Wallace, the current Miss American Angus. Tonight, at 7:00 CDT, Sure Champ is unlocking the secrets to winning in the showring, and our very own Paige will be featured on the program. Along with experts Jon Davis and Radale Tiner.

It is all going down on RFD-TV.The live show will allow viewers to call in with their questions pertaining to nutrition, pre-show preparation, and presenting your animal in the showring. Check out more info HERE. Don’t miss out!