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T-shirts in December??

December 22, 2010

December 22: for most of the country, it’s wintertime….snow, puffy jackets, rosy cheeks and gathering by the fire! But where I’m from….snow doesn’t exist and on December 22, t-shirts are a common occurance. Yesterday, in central Texas we reached a high of 86 degrees!!!

My brother - Connor, working his show heifer, Blair. Notice, he's in a t-shirt and the heifer is under fans!!

Another ‘out of the ordinary’ about Texas is that we have many Brahman influenced cattle. In fact, Texas is over-run with them!! My family raises (and has raised for five generations) Brangus cattle. In the picture above, Connor is working Blair – his BRANGUS show heifer! Brangus is 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 Angus, just in case anyone was wondering! 🙂

This is Blair showing off 🙂 watch out for her in the showring next spring!!

Here’s a few pictures Connor and I snapped while checking cows this morning!! Enjoy the beauty of Brangus cows now… 🙂

November born Brangus....does it get much cuter than this?!? I think not!!

Uhh ohh!!! Road block by Brangus mamas!!!

 Yep…..Brangus rock! Have a very merry Christmas 🙂