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Oprah Goes Vegan?

February 3, 2011

Oprah and her team are trying to take on the world again. And this time, it is effecting production agriculture. She and 378 of her staffers took on a challenge to go vegan for a week. Were they as successful as they like to think? You be the judge:

Ever thought about all the items you use everyday that are by-products of cattle? If you’re an agriculturist, yes you probably have. But I’m willing to go out on a limb here and say that the average American who is 2 generations removed from the farm has not.

Just by glancing at the list, I see a multitude of products Oprah and her staffers use every day that wouldn’t fit the criteria of their ‘vegan lifestyle’. I would venture to say that these people did not give up their cosmetics, ink pens, and pharmaceuticals. And I really hope they didn’t forgo the use of their shampoos, soaps and deodorants!

So, no. I don’t think they quite accomplished their goal.

One point they brought up is how much weight they had lost by eliminating animal products from their diet. But, what were they eating before? If the staples of their diet included McDonald’s and Taco Bell, (like some admitted to) then yes, weight loss would be expected.

These folks obviously haven’t discovered the 29 Lean Cuts of Beef that has a total fat content that ranges between a skinless chicken breast and a skinless chicken thigh.

And lets not kid ourselves- a top sirloin steak tastes better than a Tofurkey burger any day.

Micheal Pollan was right on with his statement that the best way to  live a healthy lifestyle is to have a balanced diet, including meat. He also praised farmers by saying that people can feel good about how we are raising our livestock. Kudos to Micheal!

And besides- Matthew McConaughey loves beef, too.

How could anyone question how livestock are being raised in places as beautiful as this?

Butler Alumni-Get Prepared!

December 6, 2010

Butler Community College Alumna: Christie Gabel

Butler Alumna, Christie Gabel originally hails from Eaton, Colorado a small town in the NE part of the state.  From a young age Christie had the opportunity to work with several different livestock species, but her real love was with beef cattle.   Christie’s family owns and operates Magnum Feedyards in Wiggins, Colorado.  This family operation (remember family operations come in all sizes) gave Christie a unique insight into the beef industry.   Christie’s family recognizes the need for Agriculturists to connect with the public.  This past summer Magnum Feedyards invited Ryan Andrews a vegan blogger to visit their operation.  Follow this link to read Ryan’s take on his experience.

While at Butler, Christie was a member of the nationally acclaimed Livestock Judging Team.  In fact, during her sophomore year, Christie (along with 5 of her teammates) was named to the National All-American Team-the most by any school in a given year since the award has been awarded.  The All-American honor is only given to 15 sophomores each year based on contest performance and academic achievements.

After Butler, Christie attended Kansas State University and earned a B.S. in Animal Sciences & Industry and a Minor in Business. She was a member of Ag Ambassadors, Collegiate Cattlewomen and the 2006 Reserve National Champion Livestock Judging Team!

After graduation Christie was prepared for a number of career options.  She worked for Elanco as a beef sales representative for nearly four years, both on the Feedlot and Stocker side before moving back to her “Kansas” home to her current position with Kansas State University Foundation  as a Development Officer for the College of Veterinary Medicine.  Christie’s job is to be a Major-Gift Fundraiser for the Vet School.  She aims to raise money for student scholarships, support for faculty, funding for major research projects, upgrades to the teaching hospital & everything else that requires money!

In her free time Christie has coached the Weld County (Colorado)                    4-H Livestock Judging Team to a State Championship and she is currently working toward an MBA with a Finance Emphasis.  Christie like many of our Butler graduates worked hard (this girl is tough and persistent), got involved in activities, made contacts along the way, and ultimately is prepared to succeed in whatever she sets her mind to do.